Early Deletion Private Credit Entry

In times when the consumer is offered everything via credit, the consumer loses the overview when repaying. This becomes uncomfortable when the creditor announces the open item of the private credit. This was preceded by reminders in which the debtor has not responded.

Often it is negligence, the consumer is on holiday or had to take a longer business trip. Unopened letters remain and the negative entry at the private credit has already happened. Even those who due to unforeseen financial bottlenecks, ignoring a reminder, find themselves quickly as a defaulting payer in the private credit again. Therefore, when receiving a reminder, a clarifying phone call with the demanding company helps. If the payment requests are ignored, then it quickly becomes critical in terms of finances.

A failure that avenges itself

Even if it is paid promptly, the private credit entry is initially preserved. Because rarely does the person concerned about it, for him, with the payment of everything done. At the latest with the new Handyvertrag becomes clear that in the private credit a negative note stands. Because the mobile providers are often contractual partners of private credit and pick up their information about the customer. It is always advisable to ask for delayed payments if data has been forwarded. Anyone can apply for this quickly and easily at the private credit. For this purpose, the consumer either goes to a private credit office, or regulates the information in writing or by post.

Small debtors can be relieved

Small debtors can be relieved

If the amount below 2000 € can be deleted prematurely. This was determined by law. The prerequisite for this is that the registration took place after 01.07.2012. That the late payment was made within 6 weeks and the required number of reminders are made. If this is fulfilled, the private credit must prove that the debt was liberating payment. The easiest way, the creditor is asked to tell the private credit. Or one gets a certification and puts this in front of the private credit. On all visits to the private credit, always have his identification paper ready.

The 3-year rule continues to apply

This premature cancellation rule does not apply to higher sums and if there were notices of payment or enforcement of the incident. If this has happened, the entry remains stored after settlement 3 years visibly in the private credit. However, the paid amount will be marked “done”.

This too is considered a negative feature. However, companies handle this note differently. It may well be that a provider can pass this stain. Best of the customer points out before Query of private credit and explains. This creates trust and shows that the applicant can be completely relied on.