Short-term shortage: Which payday loan fits best?

Call or frame loans

In the event of a short-term lack of money, many bank customers manage to use the credit line of their respective current account. However, the often high interest rates of such loans require an expensive repayment. Remedy can provide other credit options, from installment to call-off.

High interest on discretionary loans

Many consumers use the credit line of their checking account for a temporary lack of money. Although this is easy and especially without an additional contract with the bank available, but also brings greater disadvantages.

Short term credit – top provider

There are a number of providers that specialize in smaller payoffs with fast payouts. Thus, a temporary lack of money can be easily compensated. These lenders operate almost exclusively online, which also has the advantage that there is no paperwork here. The best offer we have found at the following providers:

creditist is not only fast-paced, but also known for checking every request individually, which also gives people who have a negative Private credit entry a good chance of getting a loan. The loan amount is between 3,000 and 30,000 euros.

Viloan is especially suitable if smaller gaps in the finances should be stuffed. The provider works quite unbureaucratic and fast. First time customers can apply for between 100 and 1,500 euros.

Zaloan money works together with the well-known provider Express Credit and also offers small, fast loans between 50 and 600 euros for new customers.

First, the high repayment interest. Between 8 and up to 15 percent of the interest payable on such a loan amount and make it more difficult to pay the debt. On the other hand, the easily available money without further contract quickly leads to the scheduling of various debts in everyday life itself. So there is a risk that regardless of the conditions regularly borrow, without even being aware of it. There is a high probability of cheaper loan offers to bridge financial bottlenecks.

Classic installment loans

Classic installment loans

Classic installment loans can also help with short-term bottlenecks of their own finances due to their variable maturities. With a maturity of a moderate 12 months, but correspondingly higher installment payments, which the borrower has to make subsequently, a temporary shortage of money with the help of a bank is also to be lifted.

The comparison between different banks is important, but the interest burden here often varies considerably. In the credit comparison helps our specially programmed and unique calculator, which puts together the best offers of the best comparisons.

Benefits Online Loan vs. Bank Loan

Benefits Online Loan vs. Bank Loan

Especially in the field of online loans, you can find a quick, cheap credit that can replace the dispozins. Classic banks are less suitable here, since applying for a loan here takes more time in most cases.

A small loan on the net is often much faster to apply for and is often paid quickly. In addition, gets

Call or frame loans

Call or framework loans are a cheap alternative to credit facilities, but are not offered by all banks. In such a loan, the borrower concludes a contract with a bank, which subsequently transfers the specified loan amount to his own current account.

The advantage of such a loan lies on the one hand in the variably determinable amount of the granted credit and on the other hand in the moderate interest rates. The repayment is also highly variable. Much is possible between a minimum rate per month (usually based on 2% of the loan volume) and a one-time repayment. However, framework loans are available only to consumers with a regular income of more than 1000 euros net and a faultless Private credit information.