Anti-Semitic leaflets found in upscale Denver neighborhoods

DENVER – Just days after the start of Hanukkah, a resident discovered anti-Semitic flyers posted in upscale Denver. Those who work to combat this type of hate say the timing is no coincidence.

A woman named Jess shared photos of the flyers with Denver7. She said she spotted them on light poles and fences off East 18th Avenue on December 2.

“They were bright green stickers displayed right at eye level so it’s really hard to miss,” she said. “It is really alarming.”

Anti-Semitic messages associated the Jewish people and Israel with deadly terrorist attacks in the United States.

Jess said she removed the flyers after reading the hate messages.

An anti-Semitic group is named on the leaflets. Its members, anti-Semites and white supremacists, would be the distributors.

The regional chapter of the Anti-Defamation League said the timing of the leaflets was intentional.

“It’s really particularly disappointing that these stickers were put on during Hanukkah, a holiday that truly marks Jewish pride, Jewish existence,” said Scott Levin, regional director of the ADL Mountain States Region.

Denver Police said they were aware of the leaflets and were investigating the case.

According to the ADL, flyers represent an increasing trend.

“Prior to this most recent incident, we had calculated that we had had almost 120 of these propaganda-type incidents that happened just over a year and a half in the Denver and Colorado area,” Levin said. . “It is important that police and law enforcement are aware of these types of incidents in case they escalate. And after contacting law enforcement, we would like them to contact us as well. to the ADL because we really can’t handle these types of hateful activity unless we can measure them first. ”

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