Banking Exchange to Host Webinar Today on Open Banking Trends

Later today on October 5, Banking Exchange will host a panel of experts to discuss how banks and credit unions can take advantage of open banking trends to transform your institution. The concept of open banking opens the door to exciting new possibilities of all sizes and will help generate new income opportunities.

The discussion will examine how financial institutions can take full advantage of rapidly growing technology and what are the key areas to look for when considering third-party technology or an open banking market. Additionally, Banking Exchange will explore the role FDX will play in the future of open banking. Attendees will be able to ask questions about industry trends and will be able to comment on their own findings.

In order to listen and participate in the discussion, bankers and credit unions must register in advance at the link below. Banking Exchange will take up to 100 participants for this discussion, and a transcript will be sent to all registrants. We hope you can join us.

Register now if you are interested

Banking Exchange will host Shane Ferrell, Vice President of Product Strategy at CSI. He leads CSI’s efforts and innovation opportunities driven by the financial services disruption. His two decades of industry experience includes basic conversions and product management.

Mr. Ferrell will guide the discussion to questions regarding digital transformation and improving user experience. The discussion will take place live in a webinar format, and bankers will have the opportunity to join the discussion in an interactive format.

In addition, Banking Exchange will host Barkley Hughes, Director of Software Engineering at CSI, where he leads the development of CSI’s open APIs. He is an expert in helping financial institutions in their digital transformation efforts. Barkley has also developed software in the manufacturing and financial sectors. The roundtable brings over 60 years of total experience in the financial industry.

“We have been fortunate to have fantastic discussions over the past two years in this format with wonderful guests and participants,” said Erik Vander Kolk, editor of Banking Exchange. “Today will be a continuation of this trend.”

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