Bermudez increases its prices by an average of 9.80% | Local company

Next Monday, consumers will have to shell out more cash for what has become their lifeline supply, as the price of Crix and some other products made by the Bermudez Group will rise from $1.75 to $8.50.

The price increase was communicated to supermarkets and merchants this week in a letter from a Bermudez official. The company said that due to the June 21 announcement by the National Flour Mills (NFM) of a 33% increase in the wholesale price of flour, it became necessary for Bermudez to institute a general increase. prices on most of its portfolio.

“The price adjustment results in an average increase of 9.80%. Bermudez is committed to continuing to seek ways to minimize price increases while continuing to source the highest quality raw materials to maintain the high standard of our products,” the letter adds.

On Jan. 10, the company raised prices across its portfolio, citing NFM’s flour price increase earlier in January.

L’Express has obtained the price list which will take effect on Monday.

The three Original Crix packs that cost $12.75 in January will now drop to the suggested retail price of $14.50, while the box will now cost $57, a jump of $7 from January.

Original Crix’s single roll remains at $5.

The Crix Whole Wheat, Multigrain & Oats & Bran, Three-Pack, now sits at $17.50, down from $15.75 in January.

The box of all these options goes from $60 to $68.50.

The Wheat Crisps pack goes from $2.50 to $2.75, while the 12-pack is now $24.75, compared to January when it was $22.50.

The Dixee three-pack goes from $14.75 to $16.50 and the box now sits at $62 from $55 seven months ago.

The package of Rough Tops cookies, which did not increase in January, goes to $10. A pack of Caribbean Delight cookies will cost $11, while a pack of Nibbles will go up to $5.50. These are all a $1 increase from its previous price.

Over the past week, many companies that use flour in the manufacture of products have announced price increases.

Since yesterday, Kiss Baking Company has implemented an average price increase of 11%.

Last week, the bakery company said that due to the 33% increase in NFM in its main raw material, flour, it had no choice but to raise the prices of its products. of bakery.

Kiss said flour price adjustments are likely to have a big impact on the company’s operating costs, which made the price hike inevitable.

According to the company, the 11% increase allows it to manage the rising cost of raw materials while limiting the effects on customers.

However, the new pricing structure was not given in the press release.

In January, when Kiss raised its prices after National Flour Mills (NFM) and Nutrimix announced their price increase, Kiss raised the price of its loaves from $0.50 to $1.50.

A Whole Wheat Kiss Sandwich Bread went from $13.75 to $15, an increase of $1.25.

White milk bread rose to $14, also up $1.25 from $12.75 and whole grains rose $1.50 from $15.50 to $17.

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