Bulk material handling and packaging project increase process efficiency and improve production

It was designed and engineered for a full flow application requiring the unloading, screening, decontamination and bulk packaging of several specialty and extreme performance materials. Raw materials are received in bulk bags and bulk bins of different sizes and weights. Specific end product formulations and particular material feed interfaces to downstream production equipment require the project to simultaneously fill bulk bags, bulk storage bins and drums. These functional requirements, along with the customer’s need for quantifiable performance metrics, application-specific guidance, and collaborative project management made Engineer-to-Application (ETA) project delivery a necessity.

Upstream bulk material unloading begins with two NBE bulk container unloading stations loaded by forklift. Each station has a load capacity of 3000 lbs and can accommodate bulk bags and bulk bins. When preparing a bulk bag for unloading, the spout interface of the NBE unloading station allows the operator to easily access the spout of the bag, connect the spout to the system and close the spout of the bag before starting the material flow. When preparing a bulk bin for unloading, a flexible connection spout on the bottom of the bin works the same as the bag spout. With the bag spout or the bin spout connected, the operator initiates the unloading of the material.

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The bulk material processing operations midway through this NBE project prepare the bulk materials to ensure that the characteristics of the finished bulk packaged product meet the exacting size and purity specifications for downstream production. The preparations required for the raw material received will determine which of the two NBE bulk material handling and packaging systems will handle the entry. These mid-point preparation functions include sizing materials to micron-level specifications, separating materials based on size, and magnetic decontamination of sized and separated materials.

Downstream bulk material packaging operations utilize NBE bulk container filling systems designed for the application. Each of these filling systems is designed to be easily replaced by filling bulk bags, bulk bins or drums. Depending on processing requirements, filled container weights range from 600 to 4000 lbs. The fill head of every NBE Bulk Container Filling System is designed to provide a dust-tight interface with the container being filled, whether the interconnect is a Big Bag spout, or a tote cover flange. -all or a drum cover. Material dust that may occur in the filling head is vented into the system and collected in a central collection unit. This comprehensive application-to-application NBE project has enabled this bulk processing and packaging company to go beyond the constraints of make-to-order and engineering-to-order machinery and leverage the NBE engineering project delivery to increase process efficiency and improve downstream flow efficiency.

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