Colorado Rockies name Bill Schmidt permanent GM

Nolan Arenado welcomes Bill Schmidt, the new CEO of Colorado.

Nolan Arenado welcomes Bill Schmidt, the new CEO of Colorado.
Picture: PA

When Jeff Bridich and the Rockies “agreed” on the CEO’s resignation in April, the team announcement made a promise on the future.

“The organization will appoint an interim GM for the remainder of the season, and will be looking for a permanent GM once the 2021 MLB playoffs are over.”

Well, congratulations to the World Series champion, uh… wait a minute. The regular season isn’t even over. Yet, on Saturday, Colorado appointed Bill Schmidt, who served as interim general manager, as the permanent man for the job.

So much for this search for the right person to build the winner of the first division in the history of the Rockies. Too bad for the “Selig’s rule”On interviews with minority candidates. So much for the faith of the fans in organizing to do anything but whatever owner Dick Monfort’s first idea is for anything at all times.

One of the main reasons why working in the Rockies is not so desirable initially is the management of the franchise by Monfort. Then there’s the fact that Colorado has MLB pipeline fifth lowest ranked farming system and no top 50 hope. After trading Nolan Arenado ahead of the season to St. Louis, the Rockies gave no reason for waiting free agent shortstop Trevor Story to stay, and it’s not like the squad is chock full of promising and developing talent – once prospect Brendan Rodgers, at 25, is Colorado’s youngest everyday player.

But it’s still one of 30 major league GM positions, and Schmidt’s biggest achievements in the interim work have been a few quit requests, the exchange of Mychal Givens to Cincinnati and most notably the acquisition of ‘a 19-year-old pitcher the Rockies sort of didn’t draft. graduated from high school in Colorado and failed to exchange Story before becoming free.

Did this performance deserve to forgo any sort of real search for a new GM? Those back-to-back wildcard appearances in 2017 and 2018 were fun, and they’re going to have to last Rocky Mountain fans for a while, as the franchise has shown today that it’s not interested in doing better.

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