Construction materials on the roads pose a serious threat

Rajendranagar: Even though vehicle skidding incidents occur frequently due to the presence of construction materials on the roads, especially in the GHMC Rajendranagar area, civic body officials appear to be least concerned about these cases. They even refrain from taking deterrent measures against wandering construction companies tasked with precariously transporting material.

What better example than the settlement of Shastripuram itself, in the region, where the three-kilometer-long main access road from Baba Kanta (weighbridge) to Wadam Gadda Railway Halt has five-six construction companies? ‘where the material is delivered to different places in trucks. In addition, there are two weighbridges on either side of the road where heavy goods vehicles enter and exit with a load.

Over the past year, there have been several incidents of passengers suddenly falling from their vehicles, particularly at the Palace Hotel point. Residents of Shastripuram, Kings Colony, Owaisi Hills and Rasheed Colony, among others, are regular users of the road that connects the sub-road to National Highway-44 (Bangalore Highway).

The frequent incidents on the stretch, largely due to existing construction companies and vehicles transporting raw materials, have gone unnoticed for a long time as the GHMC takes no notice of these cases, while the victims suffer in silence.

When contacted, GHMC’s health supervisor Rajendranagar, Gopi, first said that “the matter is actually the responsibility of planning officials. But when reminded of similar incidents and actions taken by GHMC staff in other areas, he ensured to take appropriate action and desired photos shared to identify where the problem lies.

Interestingly, as the road leads to an MP’s house in Hyderabad, the GHMC and medical personnel are often seen walking the stretch without paying attention to construction companies and trucks scattering materials on the road.

The icing on the cake is that most health workers are often seen relaxing in a hotel on the stretch where building materials are strewn every few feet.

Recently, GHMC officials woke up from their slumber when a family member of a major Telugu movie star was injured in a road accident, bringing the issue of precarious transportation of building materials to the fore. .

Officials, to save their skin, began to impose penalties on construction companies for spilling materials on the roads. However, GHMC officials here still play the role of silent onlookers in the face of such life-threatening issues of commuters.

Syed Shoukay Ali, an elderly person residing in the settlement, said: “It was only after bringing the matter to their attention with a warning to take the issue to the next level, that the GHMC staff moved on. to action and removed the strewn material from the road. . They refrained from taking action or imposing sanctions on wandering companies. Much to our dismay, we have such apathetic GHMC officials here in Rajendranagar. “

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