Flower shortage hits “wedding capital of the world”

By Lauren Martinez

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LAS VEGAS (KVVU) – A shortage of flowers is affecting local businesses, and a florist said there was a long list of reasons.

In the spring, the owner of English Garden Florist, David Pellew, spoke about the difficulty of obtaining products for Mother’s Day.

Pellew said they still had this problem.

“This week some flower varieties that we usually use all the time just weren’t there,” he said.

He said the farms were struggling to recruit local employees and suppliers, including himself.

“The shortage is not just in the United States, we have farms in South America and overseas and they are also having the exact same issues getting employees in some of these areas that COVID has them a bit more. hard hit, “said Pellew.

And he said there was more than labor and distribution issues.

“A lot of farms are now growing cannabis instead of flowers because it’s more profitable, so it also hurts,” Pellew said.

He said rose production in South America was down 40%. There is a lack of color variety, especially the white roses that he attributes to funerals.

“Lots of funerals, and frankly, I’m sick of it. I’m here every morning to have a funeral and stay late at night and I’m just sick of it, so I would like you to get your shot so I can take a break, “Pellew said.

At After Hours Flowers, customers aren’t as picky about what they order, so co-owner Verna Padgett said the shortage hasn’t affected them as much.

They are the only 24 hour florist in Las Vegas and red roses are the main seller.

“Guys who have dates, guys in trouble, you want to send flowers to your wife and she works until 4 in the morning, I’m the only one bringing her flowers,” Padgett said.

Business is going well, but Padgett said she is concerned about the United States’ reliance on flowers from other countries.

“The flowers come from all over the world, and they go either to LA or Miami and they are distributed in the United States, and yes, I’m thinking about how that’s going to change the industry. We’ll just have to get creative with the flowers we have, ”Padgett said.

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