FMFL and wine to get cheaper in Odisha as government cuts excise duty

Foreign Manufactured Foreign Liquor (FMFL) and wine will become cheaper in Odisha as the state government has reduced the excise duty on these products in its new excise policy for the year 2022- 23.

In order to reduce MRP disparities with neighboring states and also to promote high-quality FMFL and low-alcohol wine, duties on wine and FMFL have been reduced, according to the new policy. However, the excise duty on foreign liquors made in India (IMFL) and beer remained unchanged.

Noting that these guidelines aim to improve the efficiency of processes associated with the manufacture, import, export, transportation and sale of alcoholic beverages, the policy said it prioritizes the health and well-being -be citizens of the state.

There has been a nominal increase in licensing fees, MGQ (minimum guaranteed quantity), application fees for manufacturers, suppliers as well as retailers in this year’s policy.

Other Premium “OFF” stores have been offered in Bhubaneswar, Berhampur, Sambalpur, Rourkela Municipal Corporations as well as four other municipalities, according to the policy.

To encourage low-alcohol beverages, the microbrewery policy has been revamped. A separate license fee tranche of Rs 5 lakh/year for stand-alone micro-brewery has been introduced without an “ON” restaurant license.

Also, to improve compliance, fees for temporary bar licenses have been reduced. The fee for additional bars in “ON” stores has also been streamlined.

To promote ease of doing business, emphasis on automating various processes such as issuance of permits/passes/licences/payments will continue as part of Odisha government’s 5T action plan in line with to politics.

The policy also provided that the Excise Department will strengthen enforcement activities through better intelligence gathering, better infrastructure and resources, increased deployment of enforcement personnel as well as the use of technology for monitoring and supervision.

In order to restrict the entry of inexperienced vendors or brands with unverified credentials in the Odisha market, certain qualifying criteria for brand registration have been introduced in this year’s policy, it said. -he declares.

In accordance with the policy document, no license will be granted to a liquor store bearing the name of deities/prominent personalities (living or deceased) who may hurt the feelings of the people.

The policy also noted that some liquor stores used the word “sarkari” in the store name. Thus, the department clarified that no OFF store should use “sarkari or government” in its name. The licensee may use the ‘Licensed FL OFF shop’ signage.

Home delivery of alcohol will continue in addition to over-the-counter sales. All previously issued guidelines regarding social distancing to contain the spread of COVID-19 must be adhered to. All other features of the existing excise policy will remain as they were, he said.

He said the maximum retail price (MRP) will be displayed on each bottle of FMFL, IMFL, country wine, beer and liquor and sold accordingly. Sellers are requested to issue a payment note to all consumers and not to charge above the MRP, otherwise sellers will be penalized with a fine.

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