Forbes chooses Luca De Massis as “Photographer of the moment”

There are a lot of talented people in different industries and sectors in this world. They always aim to create a unique space in the minds of the people they feed on. But how many people are working to achieve this goal? Now that everyone is on their own path to success, it helps them overcome different challenges and obstacles and define themselves as professionals and individuals. “What people create from the adversity they face on their journey helps them create the successes they want to be in life,” said Italian photographers, videographers, writers, entrepreneurs from fame. Especially the creative soul, says Lucademasis, who is now being talked about for all the right reasons.

Do you think about how Luca de Masis made the headlines? Let me tell you that Forbes chose Luca de Massis as “photographer of the moment”. It appears like another feather in his hat and is becoming more famous in the creative industry. Getting featured in Forbes was a huge achievement in itself, and only a few experts were able to achieve it. Being one of those rare gems in the world of photography has made Luca De Massis a thousand steps ahead of his contemporaries in the industry and one of the best photographers in the world. I engraved my name.

Born in Pescara, Italy, in 1983, Luca De Massis, devoted to all things artistic and creative, has done everything from music to fashion to photography and is now a great writer and entrepreneur. He became. Forbes got to see how his creative vision and tenacity, which captures the model’s righteous emotions through the camera, has a profound effect on the audience. Recognizing the same, they chose him as the photographer of the moment. With his modern ideas as a modern photographer, he can create magic in each of his shots and make it different every time.

Besides Forbes, Luca De Massis has appeared in magazines such as El and Vogue Italia and in publications such as Thrive Global, Influencive, Yahoo Finance and Business Insider in the past. Luca de Masis is a true master of photographic technology, and in response to perceptions gained by Forbes, “I feel like I’m just getting started.”

Follow him on Instagram @lucademassis Or visit the Website, Find out more.

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Forbes chooses Luca De Massis as the “Photographer of the moment” Source link Forbes chooses Luca De Massis as the “Photographer of the moment”

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