Garage door shortage leads to price hikes and longer lead times

Buying a home right now is hard enough, but a garage door shortage is creating a new problem for some Americans.

Paso Robles family business, Hamon Overhead Door, says it has seen its supply of materials run out, leading to increased wait times for almost all of its products.

Company owner John “J” Hamon III says their prices must have gone up as well, saying, “We’ve seen raw material prices double and triple, which then trickles down to the consumer.”

Hamon admits that with certain specific orders, its customers have to wait months, even years, to obtain the equipment necessary for their requests. But even with the delays, Hamon says they were still able to fill orders.

“Time will tell when it comes to hardware and who can get the product,” Hamon said. “Having good relationships with manufacturers and customers really drives and delivers the best product and value for the end customer.”

Still, Hamon tells KSBY that slowdown and scarcity come with a silver lining; As he says, the downtime has allowed his company to become more efficient in improving customer services, meeting deadlines, and improving their general operations.

Other local businesses say they placed orders for garage doors months in advance, to account for delays and shortages of materials.

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