Global Bioenergies makes a breakthrough on the path to

Global Bioenergies makes a breakthrough on the organic pathNS fuel

Evry, 20 october 2021: Global Bioenergies has made major advances in its process for converting plant raw materials into isobutene. The resulting performance improvement will accelerate the penetration of the cosmetics market over the next few years and To allows to target production costss that wold Make this world leader in the transformation of industrial sugars into biographyjet fuel.

Since 2019, Global Bioenergies has focused on cosmetic applications of its process, isobutene derivatives being an important input for these markets, and recently launched its own makeup brand, LAST®, the first to combine long-lasting performance and low transfer in a product that is more than 90% natural.

Today, it is building a production unit on the Pomacle site near Reims, so that the big names in the industry can start to adhere to this innovation, increasing the naturalness of their make-up formulations. The unit will enter service in the first quarter of 2022 with an annual capacity of around 100 tonnes.

Global Bioenergies is planning a larger plant by 2024, which will be capable of producing thousands of tonnes and serving much larger skin and hair care markets. Renewable isobutene derivatives will replace fossil fuel-based ingredients currently used in skin and hair formulations. They will also help replace volatile silicones which are gradually removed by regulators.

These latest advances in process performance now allow Global Bioenergies to move forward more quickly with its step-by-step development plan. It paves the way for its historic goal of having a positive environmental impact on a global scale through the mass production of biofuels. Concretely, the process could lead to aeronautical biofuels – a first flight took place this year – to massively decarbonize air transport.

Romain Chayot, Head of the Stem Construction Department, explains: “Until now, the process worked well and reproducibly, but the performance seemed to be capped. A long-term study showed that a specific component, produced in low volumes, quietly poisoned the strain during the production phase. We were able to build new strains virtually free from this poison, freeing up big gains in process performance. ”

Pierre Monsan, pioneer of industrial biology and director of Global Bioenergies, declared: “The Company has done a remarkable job here. It started with a recent level of excellence scientific study published in Nature Communication, which made it possible to identify what was restricting the effectiveness of our initial approach. With the new strains, the interest of fermenting a gas, spontaneously extracted from the reaction medium by volatilization rather than by accumulation, appears clearly. The process thus brings us closer to optimal continuous performance, the holy grail in our field of industrial biology. Besides scientific achievements, we are now getting closer to having the cheapest production costs in the field and to becoming a major player in the emerging global competition for biofuel.

Bernard Chaud, Head of Industrial Strategy at Global Bioenergies, said: “Since 2017, we have been working with SkyNRG, our partner in the EU-funded REWOFUEL project, to get our technology approved for air transport by ASTM, the international aviation regulator. biofuel. We hope to obtain certification of our components for commercial flights in 2022 by the Working Group of Aircraft and Engine Manufacturers. ”

Marc Delcourt, co-founder and CEO of Global Bioenergies, explained: “Many solutions, such as electric or hydrogen airplanes, have been proposed to reduce the externalities of air transport, that is to say the destruction of the air. environment caused by CO from flights.2 emissions. But the consensus has identified biofuel as the best solution for the next decades. The biofuel has a modest additional cost – which decreases anyway with soaring oil prices – and will be usable in existing aircraft without engine modifications.

After a first phase of work with vegetable oil-based jet fuel which has now reached certain limits, global priorities are turning to more productive processes based on industrial sugars to reduce CO emissions.2 by a factor of 3 to 5. Our exclusive “deeptech” technology addresses this environment. Our strategy follows a four-step roadmap, focusing in the short term on the cosmetics market, which has lower volumes but higher margins than energy. Our recent technical progress has confirmed our belief that our process can be extended in the future to serve large energy markets.

Reduce CO2 aircraft emissions is one of the 10 objectives of the France 2030 plan. The multiple applications of our process (cosmetics, air transport, plastics, rubbers, specialty and commodity chemicals) allow us to decarbonize our large-scale industries. Our factories will be based on agricultural inputs and will be anchored in the regions. The deployment of our approach will thus help strengthen France’s industrial and energy sovereignty.

Finally, I would like to thank our 10,000 shareholders for the vital confidence they place in the Company. Bolstered by the determination and commitment of the Group’s employees, they have brought us together in a moving way to become a key player in the environmental transition and to preserve the planet as a place where future generations can live in harmony.


Global Bioenergies has developed a process to convert plant-based resources into a key family of ingredients used in the cosmetics industry. The process was first developed in a laboratory, where the Company further improves its performance. It is now operating as a pilot and demonstration plant, with the ability to begin to enter the market, initially through the Company’s long-lasting home make-up brand, launched in 2021. The Company is gradually expanding its production capacities and seeking to improve the environmental footprint not only of the cosmetics industry but also that of other areas such as transport and materials. Global Bioenergies is listed on Euronext Growth Paris (FR0011052257 – ALGBE)

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  • Global Bioenergies makes a breakthrough on the biofuel path

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