GUTA dissatisfied with transport costs in ports

President of GUTA, Dr Joseph Obeng

The Ghana Traders Union has expressed concern about the high freight charges at ports.

According to the country’s largest trade organization, the current events are unacceptable and want the government to take immediate action, especially when the prices of raw materials, among others, have increased astronomically.

“It has been brought to the attention of the Ghanaian Association of Traders Union that Customs will adopt the ever increasing freight charges in their duty calculations. This is unacceptable and we want the government to note that world commodity prices have increased astronomically, transportation costs have increased and other factors have also contributed to pushing up commodity prices to the point that the consumer public is starting to feel the impact and are no longer able to keep up with the prices, ”he said in a statement.

In this regard, he further stated that he would not accept the new freight charge by the Customs Division of the GRA, adding “otherwise it will make our situation worse”.

Continuing, GUTA said “there is this public discourse on how the prices of goods can be maintained. This customs intention will not help in this direction and we hope the government will give this matter careful consideration. “

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