Habitat for Humanity built 51 new homes this year amid higher costs and distribution issues

SAN ANTONIO – Habitat for Humanity has faced distribution issues and rising prices due to inflation, costing the organization approximately $ 15,000 for each house it builds.

“The supply chain issues have been absolutely crazy. Trucking disruptions have sent prices skyrocketing. A few years ago, the two-by-fours cost us $ 2 apiece. Now they’re costing us $ 5 each and they’re still climbing, ”said Stephanie Wiese, vice president of Habitat for Humanity in San Antonio.

Despite all the obstacles, Wiese said the organization has still had a successful year. He built 51 new homes for low income families.

Wiese said all of the organizing was made possible through the efforts of the community, city and county.

“This year, the San Antonio Housing Trust Foundation was able to help us with 20 more houses that they helped with the overrun,” Wiese said.

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The last house built this year was signed on Friday by a single mother who will live there with her 18-year-old son. She said she had moved from apartment to apartment in the past few years.

“It’s just exciting because it’s beautiful. It’s just that – I love it. I like the fact that there is more space, ”said Maria Diaz, first-time owner.

Next year, Habitat for Humanity’s goal is to build 53 houses, although they expect to encounter similar problems.

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