How the Cincinnati Reds Won the MLB Trade Deadline

AP Photo/Jeff Dean

The MLB trade deadline is always an exciting time, and this year we saw one of the craziest ever. Once the deadline has passed, all the fanbases of the competing teams like to argue over which team “won” the deadline. This year, the San Diego Padres stole the show by acquiring: Juan Soto, Josh Bell, Josh Hader and Brandon Drury. It’s almost impossible to get a better delay than that. Some would say the Padres even had the best timeout ever, but what if I told you that a team with 42 wins was the real winner?

The Cincinnati Reds entered the deadline with a pack farm system while having some of the most wanted players on the trade market. Over the past week they have traded: Luis Castillo, Tyler Mahle, Brandon Drury and Tyler Naquin. After trading all those guys, there’s no denying the Reds have one of, if not the best farm system in all of baseball. There were seven top-100 traded prospects at the deadline, one went to Miami, three went to Washington in Juan Soto’s blockbuster, the other three are now in the Reds organization.

I know if you’re a Cincinnati Reds fan, it’s hard to get excited when you just traded one of the best pitchers in the game to Luis Castillo and homegrown talent to Tyler Mahle, but I can assure you that it was worth it. this. Prospect trading is never a sure thing, but the Reds traded for ELITE prospects. No matter how you look at it, the Reds weren’t going to be very good the rest of this year and next, so why would you want to keep those guys around anyway? Ahead of the season, general manager Nick Krall spoke about building longevity within the organization that can set them up for success for a long time to come and he did.

The Reds already have a good core of youngsters on the MLB roster which consists of Tyler Stephesnon, Jonathan India, Hunter Greene, Nick Lodolo and Graham Ashcraft. These players have just been handed the keys to the organization and are expected to lead the team. Giving them the responsibility so soon will bode well for the success of the Reds in a few years.

Even though the Reds have some promising young talent, the most exciting prospect currently resides in Chattanooga Tennessee and his name is Elly De La Cruz. De La Cruz is the most exciting striking prospect the Reds have ever had and all those moves speak for it. Almost every player they acquired last week is expected to be in the big leagues around the same time as De La Cruz. It may sound crazy, but I think the Reds may already be building around him and I totally agree.

The Reds are set for a ton of future success due to this trade deadline, so let’s take a look at my version of the Reds’ top 15 prospect rankings now that they have plenty of new faces.

* means they were acquired at the trade deadline

1 Elly De La Cruz – SS

2 Noëlvi Marte – SS*

3 cam collar – 3B

4 Matt McLain – SS

5 Edwin Arroyo-SS*

6 Spencer Steer – INF*

7 Connor Phillips – PS

8 Christan Encarnacion-Strand – 1B/3B *

9 Chase Petty – PS

10 Brandon Williamson – PS

11 Daniel Vellojin – C

12 Jay Allen – DE

13 Andrew Abbot – PS

14 Rece Hinds – INF/OF

15 Levi Stoudt – SP*

If you look at the Reds prospect rankings on any other outlet it will probably be different and that’s a fantastic thing if you’re a Reds fan. The number of possible combinations you can make from the Reds top 30 prospect list shows you just how deep their farm system now is. It was truly a franchise that changed the MLB trade deadline for the Cincinnati Reds and that’s why they should be considered a big winner from last week.

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