Hugs and handshakes are back


If you’ve ever had a job interview, you know that shaking hands is very important. But we all miss a bit of training after the pandemic. Shaking hands and hugging friends, we’ve got a little refresher course for you as people return to the workforce and see more people. Here we go with the steps for a perfect handshake.

I always have hand sanitizer with me now, but if you don’t have hand wipes, be sure to wipe them off first. my only problem with that is when I see someone wiping their hands on their shirt or pants, I guess it’s better than nothing. No one wants to shake a sweaty hand.

Be friendly, try to be the one to initiate the handshake. It shows that you are confident and happy to see them.

Sorry, lefties, use your right hand, most of the world is right handed.

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Smile and make eye contact. Shaking someone’s hand without looking at them is just weirdly weird, when you look them in the eye during the handshake it is a sign of trust, which is good, especially if you are going through a job interview. .

Two to three push-ups is good. Don’t shake wildly. Along with limiting yourself to two or three shakes, you want to make sure your shakes don’t involve too much movement. If the other person has to move their whole arm up and down just to follow you, you are doing too much. Anything more than that starts to sound awkward. And make it a pretty strong handshake. Don’t break her fingers, but don’t let her wrist slack either.

PS. Always ask the person if you can give them a hug.

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