India Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry Report 2021 –

India Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry Report 2021 –

DUBLIN – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – The report “Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry in India – Forecast and Analysis 2021” has been added to offer.

India’s pharmaceutical industry is valued at over $ 40 billion. The domestic pharmaceutical market in India reached sales of $ 18.12 billion at the end of 2018. As of 2021, the majority of pharmaceutical manufacturing in India was made up of generics less expensive than prescription drugs or patented.

India has faced a devastating second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the COVID-19 vaccination underway in the country, the government is trying to increase its vaccine supply to immunize most of its population at the earliest.

The healthcare sector in India is one of the largest in terms of income and employment. The industry has grown at a rapid pace, with the government focusing on building basic health facilities in rural areas. Meanwhile, India’s pharmaceutical industry is also one of the largest in the world.

India is the world’s largest manufacturer of generic drugs and also supplies over 50% of the global demand for various vaccines. India is ranked third globally in terms of pharmaceutical manufacturing by volume. There is no doubt that India occupies an important place in the pharmaceutical industry and global health.

The publisher presents an in-depth analysis of India’s pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in their India Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry – Forecast and Analysis 2021 research report.

The report covers the following data:

  • In-depth coverage of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in India by sectors along with an analysis of how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the industry.
  • We analyze Prescription Drugs, Generic Drugs, Over-the-Counter Drugs segments and also analyze the medical research and clinical trials landscape in India.
  • A SWOT analysis of the Indian pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.
  • A strategic analysis of Porter’s five forces on the Indian pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is included and examines the bargaining power of buyers and suppliers, the competitive rivalry in the industry and the threat of new entrants and substitution of the industry. ‘industry.
  • We take a close look at the regulatory framework governing the Indian pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.
  • Competition in the industry, as well as an in-depth analysis of major domestic and multinational players like Aurobindo Pharma, Sun Pharmaceutical, Cipla Limited, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, AstraZeneca, Glaxo Smith Kline and many more are included.

Main topics covered:

A. Executive summary

B. Definition of industry

C. Brief overview of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector APAC

D. Pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in India

D.1 Impact of COVID-19 on industry

D.2 Analysis of the pharmaceutical sector

D.3 Health sector analysis

D.4 Prescription drug market

D.5 Patented medicine market

D.6 Over-the-counter drugs market

D.7 Generic drug market

D.8 Medical research in India

D.9 Clinical trials in India

E. India Pharmaceutical and healthcare industry: SWOT analysis

E.1 Forces on which to build

E.2 Weaknesses to overcome

E.3 Opportunities to be exploited

E.4 Threats to be overcome

F. Pharmaceutical Industry in India: Analysis of Porter’s Five Forces Strategy

F.1 Overview

F.2 Bargaining power of buyers

F.3 Bargaining power of suppliers

F.4 Competitive Rivalry in Industry

F.5 Threat of new entrants

F.6 Threat of substitutes

G. Chronic medical conditions in India

G.1 Overview

G.2 Cancer

G.3 Cardiovascular diseases

G.4 Diabetes

H. Industry regulatory framework

H.1 Presentation

H.2 Regulations governing generic drugs

H.3 Regulations governing biosimilars

H.4 Regulations governing over-the-counter drugs

H.5 Pricing and reimbursement regime

H.6 Challenges with intellectual property rights

H.7 Other regulatory challenges

I. Import / Export of pharmaceutical products

J. Competition in industry

J.1 Competitive landscape

J.2 Competition in the generic drug sector

J.3 Competition in the pharmaceutical sector

J.4 Competition in the drug distribution sector

K. Forecast: Pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in India

K.1 Prospects for the pharmaceutical industry

K.2 Healthcare industry outlook

K.3 Outlook for the prescription drug sector

K.4 Patented Medicines Market Outlook

K.5 OTC Drug Market Outlook

K.6 Generic Drugs Market Outlook

L. Pharmaceutical and health industry: major players

L.1 Aurobindo Pharma

L.1.1 Business analysis

L.1.2 Analysis of business segments

L.1.3 Company strategy

L.1.4 Financial analysis

L.1.5 SWOT analysis

L.2 Cipla Limited

L.3 Dr Reddy’s laboratories

L.4 GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

L.5 AstraZeneca

L.6 Johnson & Johnson (J&J)

L.7 Merck & Co.

L.8 Novartis SA

L.9 Pfizer

L.10 Sanofi SA

L.11 Pharmaceutical Takeda

L.12 Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

L.13 Sun Pharmaceutical Industries

M. Glossary of terms

N. Research methodology

O. Disclaimer

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