Iran, Azerbaijan and Georgia agree to establish new transit route

TEHRAN – Iran, Azerbaijan and Georgia have reached an agreement to establish a transit route from the Persian Gulf to the Black Sea, an official with the Iranian Road and Transport Maintenance Organization (RMTO ).

“Following a trip to hold two meetings [on road transportation] together with Azerbaijan and Georgia, we have proposed an initiative to the two countries to create a new transit corridor for regional convergence, ”the Director General of the Office of Transit and International Transport of PLMN told ISNA on Tuesday, Javad Hedayati.

“Of course, this plan was already proposed eight years ago, but due to the fact that many countries were involved in this agreement, it has not yet been implemented and the parties have not reached a consensus.” , added Hedayati.

He went on to say that the creation of this new route could connect the Persian Gulf to the Black Sea, adding: “Georgia and Iran are the two main parties to the agreement, as Iran is connected to open waters. across the Persian Gulf, and Georgia has two major trading ports east of the Black Sea; On the other hand, Georgia and Azerbaijan have made great efforts to improve and develop their transport infrastructure, so we have tried to increase cooperation with these two countries.

On the basis of the agreement, first of all, in the next four months, pilot cargoes will be sent from Iran to deliver Iranian goods to Azerbaijan via the Astara border and also to Bulgaria or other Eastern European countries via Georgian Black Sea ports.

“We are trying to carry out the pilot phase of this project before the end of the [current Iranian calendar] year (March 20, 2022) so that obstacles and problems can be identified and, finally, in a final tripartite meeting between the three countries, a mechanism will be created to reduce shipping costs and times, ”explained the manager.

Iran is one of the countries which has a special status in trade and transit relations due to its strategic location and special geography, as the country is the passage of several important international corridors.

South of Iran is the Persian Gulf, home to the world’s major oil-producing countries. This region is considered the energy bottleneck of the world.

North of Iran is the Caspian Sea, which is the best bridge between Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan and can play an important role in trade between these countries.

The country, on the other hand, borders Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan to the west and east.

In other words, it can be said that Iran communicates with 15 countries by land and sea borders, and at the same time, it can serve as a bridge between these countries (between them and with other parts of the world).

In view of the country’s transit statistics, Iran is taking the necessary steps to make the most of its strategic status in this matter.

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