Is John Wall really worth a trade amid the Rockets’ impending exit?

John Wall has requested a trade and the Houston Rockets are now looking for a business partner. This will be a tedious task for the organization, given that Wall still has $ 91 million in his contract. To make matters more punitive, there is little data to prove if Wall still has it in him.

The goalkeeper missed more than half of the 2018-19 season and the entire 2019-20 season with injuries. While he averaged 20.6 points and 6.9 assists on his return, he shot a meager 40.4%. And so, the ultimate question is, is John Wall really worth trading? Will a team trade some of their assets or even a star player to acquire the services of the five-time All-Star?

Wall himself was silent on the matter. However, it is still obvious that he would love to be part of a contending team. This is the main reason for his exchange request. The Rockets are so different now compared to the James Harden era. Looking at their list, they’re filled with young guns like Jalen Green, Kevin Porter Jr., Christian Wood, Alperen Åžengün, among others. It would be the ideal scenario if Wall agrees to become the mentor of these young players. Naturally, the 31-year-old wants a different scenario.

As noted, Wall’s averages on his return were good but not impressive enough to raise eyebrows. It would be foolish to take a full pan of his performance last year and say he was just warming up and getting a feel for it. Even as we do and look at his numbers from previous years, there are still a lot of holes in Wall’s game that won’t make him an attractive player to chase.

As for one, John Wall has never been a good at 3 points. He’s a 32.3 career deep shooter. Of course, he knocks down contested and wide open 3-pointers here and there. But in today’s game where long-range shooting has been of great importance, Wall becomes a huge handicap. To some extent, Wall’s game depends a lot on his athleticism and speed. It has diminished over the past few years and we could see it being overtaken by the majority of guards today. Although accessories for him to develop his playing skills to the extreme. This, along with his top-notch defense, may be one of the redeeming points amid all the apprehensions about other aspects of his game.

As most analysts have mentioned, Wall’s biggest problem isn’t necessarily his game. He can help a team win. Rather, it’s the massive contract that makes teams think twice or ignore it altogether. He owes $ 91.7 million over the next two seasons, including a player option worth $ 47.4 million in 2022-23. The only way other teams will consider taking Wall is if the Rockets include a number of draft picks in the package – something they don’t want to do, and for very good reason: it will put their process down. reconstruction in danger.

Overall, Wall may not be worth it. His contract is worthy of a star player – someone who can literally make a difference. Sadly, we can’t say for sure that Wall is still that type of player. Even in his time with the Wizards, Wall struggled to shake off his midrange status.

Perhaps the only thing that will be worth pursuing Wall is a buyout followed by a friendly contract. This would give her new team a large amount of money that they could use to add more pieces to the championship puzzle. If John Wall agrees, then he might just be on his way to his first title.

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