It’s not just billionaires – Local elites also dominate our society

It’s a really fantastic way to frame it and understand it. One of the really common responses I got about this (and I’ll get back to the exact question you asked in a moment) was that by focusing my anger on this particular nobility class, I was sort of giving a free pass to billionaires, and, of course, they’re not good either! You don’t have to love the billionaire metropolitan oligarchs to say that there is also the local nobility that holds the power. Both can both be bad! You can walk and chew gum at the same time. But they are bad in different ways. Each of them exerts a nefarious influence on American politics, but they do it differently.

The local nobility, because it is rooted in its localities, does its damage there. They are doing havoc by making friendly deals with the local government to favor their businesses over others, to stifle competition, to make sure their son gets out of jail after driving drunk and hitting someone. a. This is the kind of power that the local nobility wields, and the fact that they do it overall – that there are a lot of these people in a lot of different places – has a profound effect on the shaping. of American life. It’s not that the Koch network isn’t important. It is important to understand how some laws are drafted. But the people who populate Republican state legislatures, who pass these state-level bills, are from that other class.

In a sense, the two groups can find ways to come together when it comes to both national and regional or local politics. They are not separate groups when it comes to this. They can find their interests in perfect alignment every now and then. Sociologically, if you want to understand the Republican political class in America, you have to understand this group, because that’s where it came from: the sunburnt country club guys. He’s the one we’re talking about here. I mean, what I would call the uppercase-T uppercase-G “Type of guy” analysis can help you understand the political economy at play here – you see a sunburnt dude with a flat-brimmed hat. , who is in his 30s and stubble and wears a purple polo shirt while hanging from the back of an $ 80,000 truck. You instantly think, “He’s a growing member of the gentry and probably a future state legislator here.”

I like to find humor in these things, but I think this guy, even though he never shows up to Congress, even though no one outside a pocket of a thousand people ever learns who he is, this guy has a lot of employees and people who are forced to work with him. He therefore structures, sometimes in a profound way, the material life of the people who work for him. He influences the local environment in which people live, even if they do not work for him. So the influence of this band as a whole is deep, because there are only tons and tons of guys like that. This guy is everywhere.

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