Live Updates: Russia’s War in Ukraine

Russia launched a new round of missile strikes across Ukraine on Monday, leaving many Kyiv residents without access to water and electricity.

As Ukrainians prepare for a harsh winter, CNN’s crew on the ground spoke to residents of the capital about how they are coping after eight grueling months of war.

Halashan Viktor, 70, lives on the fifth floor of a building where intense shelling has cut off access to water.

“Not having water is good, we can manage that. (The) main idea (is) that our troops will soon bring us closer to victory,” he said.

Viktor said he was “really worried” about the shelling during the first weeks of the Russian invasion in February and March.

“I was (a little) worried during (the) first days of the war, but my military service… made me stronger.

“(I was) really worried about my kids and the shelling for (the) first month, but now I’m fine,” he added.

Halashan Viktor hopes the Ukrainian army

Oleksandr Nechepuriak, a local office worker, said it was the first time the water ran out recently, adding that “it’s a bit worrying for us because we have to keep (the) office running”.

Another resident, Yana Lysenko, said her Monday morning “started horribly” after her water stopped following the Russian attacks.

“I have a 4-year-old so of course I feel stressed,” the 31-year-old mum said.

“We don’t have water at the moment, but we have electricity. We hope that the services will restore everything very quickly.

“Such terrorist actions targeting water and electricity supply, I believe, no longer scare people,” Lyssenko added.

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