Local bar owners chase inventory as ABC supply issues continue – WSOC TV

Dot Dot Dot co-owner Stefan Huebner ranks Mecklenburg County’s ongoing liquor shortages an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10 of his operational concerns.

Some weeks, he visited as many as eight different liquor stores to source spirits for the high-end cocktail bar.

“I understand there have been supply chain issues from top to bottom — whether it’s alcohol, glass, distribution or labor,” Huebner says. “It definitely makes it difficult to stock a bar continuously.”

Dot Dot Dot serves classic and creative small plate farm-to-table cocktails. About 75% of revenue comes from the sale of alcohol.

Persistent liquor shortages have plagued the shelves of North Carolina liquor control stores since last summer. ABC’s Mecklenburg County Board of Directors operates 29 retail stores and controls liquor distribution to approximately 1,000 mixed drink licensees, including restaurants, bars, Bank of America Stadium and the International Airport Charlotte Douglas.

“Believe me, if we could put things back the way they were, we would,” says CEO Keva Walton.

Supply issues — ranging from product outages to distribution — continue to hamper efforts to keep shelves stocked, he adds.

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(WATCH BELOW: ABC, CMPD, ALE work to clear up confusion over Meck County liquor restrictions)

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