Maharashtra could face power shortage due to dwindling coal supply

Maharashtra could face a power shortage following a drop in coal supplies from Coal India arms. Out of the daily requirement of 1,34,000 tons, the state-owned Maharashtra State Power Generation Company (MahaGenco) is currently receiving 1,20,000 tons which has impacted power generation at its power stations located in Nashik, Chandrapur, Paras, Parli and Bhusawal.

These plants are expected to have coal stocks for 22-24 days as required by the Central Electricity Authority, but stocks have fallen between 0.91 days at the Nashik plant and 4.82 days at the Koradi plant. If coal supply is not restored sooner, the state-owned Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company (MahaVitaran) will be forced to source supplies from the open market or through power exchanges to fill the void. and avoid shortages.

A senior MahaGenco officer told the Free Press Journal: ”MahaGenco has already requested the intervention of the Ministry of Coal for rapid restoration of coal supply to the Western Coalfields, Mahanadi Coalfields and southeast coalfields. Also, the Ministry of Railways was asked to provide an additional number of rakes for an uninterrupted supply of coal.

The coal shortage is attributed to the lack of coal production at the coal mines by WCL due to a lack of explosives. In addition, the railways preferred to supply coal to the head-end based power plants, citing technical problems in supplying the non-head-end based power plants i.e. located away from the mines, citing the availability of rakes. ” He added. that the MahaGenco, with a thermal generating capacity of 10,170 MW, recently settled duties worth Rs 2,000 crore to Western Coalfields to avoid further recalls.

The officer said there had been no coal supply from the western coalfields located in Chandrapur, Nagpur and Umred regions. ”The Coal India through its arms is expected to supply 1.40,000 tonnes daily so that against MahaGenco’s daily requirement of 1.20,000 tonnes it can store the remaining stock for the rainy season.

MahaGenco CMD Sanjay Khandare admitted to a reduction in coal supply but said MahaGenco will receive a good amount of coal by February. ”In addition, the coal suppliers have given an option of supply by road instead of a railway which is under consideration. The Ministry of Railways assured further increase the rakes. Furthermore, MahaGenco has launched the tender for the import of coal of 20 lakh tons,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Railways said it is in consultation with the ministries of coal and electricity and they already have a roadmap in place of supplying rakes to thermal power stations in long distance that is implemented to build up an adequate stock of coal with these plants.

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Posted: Monday, January 24, 2022, 11:59 p.m. IST

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