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Have you ever wondered what it takes to tick the Meta boxes for wide video distribution on the Facebook app?

Well, it’s no longer a secret as the company unveils its top four ranking signals for this purpose. We talk about the key elements needed for widespread video distribution or, shall we say, the factors needed to have the most impact.

These were highlighted as originality, engagement, audience loyalty and audience retention. And we’ll detail each of these below, as Meta explained.

The news came via a blog post recently published by the firm which shed light on the main strategy employed for this purpose.

The app’s video ecosystem claims to value original forms of content the most and also promotes local consumption, so if you have those factors going for you, then kudos to a great start!

Meta reiterated how authentic content gets the most applause, as it has been the company’s strategy since day one. Other than that, the entertainment and content feel that turns regular watchers into die-hard fans is another aspect worth considering.

To put it simply, the more original content you offer, the more your audience will want more. And this in turn leads to it resurfacing over time repeatedly.

Originality has always been the priority of the application and the videos made by the person who publishes them under the name are therefore essential. At the same time, the app would also promote content that might not be 100% authentic if it adds any form of value that hasn’t been seen before or is just plain meaningful.

One of the best examples involves a creator contributing through a comment made by another. So, if you haven’t put a major effort into the content but still stream it as your own, well, better avoid it because the app notices everything.

Next comes the loyalty of your audience. It means how willing are you to keep your viewers engaged with a video until the end. This is really a strong determining factor of the application. This is usually related to how the content has been received by viewers. A slow, steady hold gives great results, but a sudden drop at first means it just isn’t hitting the mark.

The app really recommends having a good story, developing it further for later viewing, and then investing in the best kind of production quality.

Another major factor affecting ranking on the app is the loyalty of viewers who watch your content. How often do users actually come back to watch more content on offer? Remember that a strong metric is related to how often a user searches for a particular creator’s video on the Facebook app.

Meta recommends adding clear titles and better descriptions to make your magic work.

Finally, Facebook looks at the level of engagement your content ends up generating on the app. The more comments and conversations, the more frequently the app notices interactions and displays content.

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