MSS to start cargo operations between Singapore and Malaysia

Maldives State Shipping (MSS), one of the newest additions to state-owned companies and a subsidiary of State Trading Organization (STO), is to start cargo operations between Malaysia and Singapore.

Mr. Abdulla Saeed, the Managing Director of MSS attested to this start, noting that the newly acquired cargo ship for the company, scheduled for a dock in July in the Maldives, will carry shipments from the said two countries.

With the addition of the new vessel to its fleet, MSS will allow Maldivian importers to redirect their shipments to Malaysia and Singapore instead of third-party transports from China, Thailand and Indonesia.

In addition, the general manager of MSS noted that this expansion of the company’s operations will improve the shipment of goods from the region to accelerate.

Currently, the company’s operations center between the Maldives and Colombo, Sri Lanka, with a single vessel under its direct ownership.

Meanwhile, MSS will expand its fleet to a size of three with new acquisitions set to dock in the Maldives in June and July – one per month.

The shipping company was established in 2020 to resurrect the legacy of the previous shipping company and expand the island nation’s economy in the sector.

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