Napa County Supervisors Receive Automatic 4.3% Increase | Local News


For the Central Valley, supervisors in Yolo County earn about $ 75,000 per year. Supervisors in Sacramento County earn approximately $ 118,000 per year.

These are only base salaries and may not include increases this year. In addition, various factors can increase overall compensation.

For example, Napa County supervisors in 2020 had a cell phone allowance of $ 3,420 and a car allowance of $ 5,280. Various medical, retirement and other benefits varied by supervisor, but ranged from $ 39,000 to $ 48,000, depending on the county.

Napa County supervisors are far from the main employees of the Napa County government. According to Transparent California, in 2019, county general manager Minh Tran had a base salary of $ 290,016. Of those elected, District Attorney Allison Haley and then Sheriff John Robertson both won $ 239,184.

More than 340 county employees had higher base salaries than county supervisors. The county has approximately 1,500 employees.

The median household income in Napa County in 2019 was $ 88,596, according to the US Census Bureau. It was before the pandemic.

County supervisors are elected officials who oversee a taxpayer-funded operation of half a billion dollars a year. They make decisions that help shape the growth of the wine country. They oversee social services, health services and a range of other services.


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