No offer submitted for the import of 72 LNG cargoes

A representative image of the LNG cargo. — Reuters/File
  • PLL had tendered 72 LNG shipments during the 2023-2028 window.
  • Not even a single offer has been received by the last date.
  • According to an analyst, traders say they are hesitant to supply fuel to Pakistan.

The current energy crisis is set to continue after the domestic liquefied natural gas (LNG) buyer did not receive a single offer for its 72 cargoes for six years, Pakistan LNG Limited (PLL) confirmed on Monday.

In August, PLL – a wholly-owned subsidiary of Government Holdings Private Limited (GHPL) – issued a tender for 72 shipments of LNG from international suppliers during the 2023-2028 window, but not a single tender was was received by the last date of submission and opening. of these offers.

Well-placed Oil Division sources said Geo News that the Pakistani authorities have made every effort to procure LNG shipments. First it is not found and later it becomes expensive.

It should be noted that Pakistan is currently importing nine shipments of LNG under long-term monthly contracts, including eight from Qatar and one from ENI, an Italian multinational oil and gas company headquartered in Rome.

Sharing a photo of the official document on Twitter showing that no bids were received, energy analyst Stephen Stapczynski wrote: “Pakistan has been unable to secure long-term LNG supply , threatening to prolong its fuel shortage”.

He mentioned that no supplier participated in Pakistan’s tender to buy LNG for four to six years from 2023. “The deadline was today…it shows how there is little reserve LNG supply until at least 2026,” the analyst wrote.

Stapczynski, in a series of tweets, warned that this short-term LNG supply shortage is a major threat to the emerging world. “Suppliers are reluctant to sell to emerging countries[…] Traders have previously said they are reluctant to supply Pakistan with fuel, fearing that the falling rupee could hamper the country’s ability to pay.

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