Oakland man accused of distributing thousands of LSD tabs

SACRAMENTO – An Oakland man was arrested and charged with selling thousands of doses of LSD in northern California, after an investigation stretched from Santa Cruz to a rural area around Nevada City.

Elan Moshe, 44, was charged in late June with distributing LSD in the Eastern Federal District of California, based in Sacramento, according to court records. He was released last week on $ 50,000 bail.

Moshe’s name emerged as a potential supplier of LSD when the Drug Enforcement Administration began investigating a California-based LSD and MDMA ring in 2018. A DEA agent wrote in court records that two people who had been arrested with thousands of LSD tablets later became informants, leading to the identification of Moshe as the source of the second person’s hallucinogenic drug.

An informant told the DEA that Moshe provided him with LSD by the gram and that each gram contained about 10,000 doses, according to the complaint.

Moshe’s name resurfaced in 2019, when Santa Cruz authorities served a search warrant at the home of Matthew Hutchings, a psychedelic and party drug dealer who was sentenced to a decade in federal prison last April for distribution. of drugs, including at UC Santa Cruz. At Hutchings’ home, agents allegedly found a Wells Fargo Visa Platinum debit in Moshe’s name, according to the criminal complaint against Moshe.

In a bizarre twist, Moshe was arrested months later in March 2020 – and found in possession of 1,300 doses of LSD – after Auburn police were called to a ‘man down’ medical emergency at an intersection, according to the complaint. Authorities say the man turned out to be Moshe, who allegedly explained to police he had consumed alcohol, cocaine and ketamine the night before, had passed out at a party and had been ejected or otherwise moved to where the police had found it, although it was understandably a bit hazy about the details.

Fast forward to last June, federal authorities were monitoring Moshe (using a GPS signal from his phone) as part of the LSD investigation when he unintentionally led them to an illegal grow site. of marijuana in an area near Nevada City, according to the complaint.

The investigation was led by Brian Nehring, a DEA special agent who has been responsible for just about all recent major federal drug seizures east of Carquinez Strait, including a 2019 investigation into the Aryan Brotherhood, a Concord / Vallejo meth ring connected to two gangs, a Vallejo-based counterfeit pill ring, and an alleged Sacramento-area drug trafficking organization that included a motorcycle club president.

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