An octapeptide molecule, containing 8 amino acids backbone that can reduce wrinkle formation by preventing muscle contraction.

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Snap 8 is an octapeptide that is popular for its potential benefits. The peptide is an extension of the six amino acid peptides Argireline. Recent studies revealed that snap 8 has numerous biological properties. The biological properties are being investigated to help the development of anti-wrinkle products.

One of the common indicators of wrinkles is fine lines and crows’ feet. A wrinkle appears on the skin mainly because the protein that is supposed to hold it has depreciated in its functionality. Collagen is the most important product when it comes to combating aging, wrinkles and fine lines.

The reduction in the production of collagen has shown to reduce skin elasticity and keeping the muscles intact. When elasticity and the skin functionality is hampered, the skin begins to form fine lines and they may appear on the neck and forehead. This is one of the nightmares that everyone wants to avoid.

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There are numerous factors which contribute to the changes in the elasticity of the skin. These include biochemical, histological and physiological changes, among others. Secondary factors are known to cause skin folds in the chin areas and furrows on the face.

The regular pull of gravity and frequent positional pressure on skin during sleep or repeated facial movements causes the contraction of facial muscles. In such instances, the ultimate physiological way and molecular mechanism involved in linked to the collagen triple helix, The degradation of polypeptide chains and lipid matrix causes the skin to lose its elasticity.

Recent findings indicates that the conformational change and the perfect matrix on the skin can aid in wrinkle formation. Smooth muscle contraction and the receiver of neurotransmitters is a process that is usually undertaken by the SNAp Receptor complex (SNARE).

Mechanism of Action


The snap receptor complex is important in transferring information to the synapses to release the desired peptide. This is a complex molecule that incorporates VAMP, syntaxin, and snap-25. The complex captures the vesicles and combines them with them with the membrane of the neurotransmitter.

Snap 8 mechanism of action is via the mimicry of the natural mechanism in the transmission of the synapses. The peptide mimics the NH-terminal end of the snap 25 and it is the competition with the snap 25 for the active site that promotes activity of the peptide.

When the SNARE complex is destabilized due to the competition, the neurotransmitters are not released effectively and this causes muscle contraction attenuation. Furrows, wrinkles,\ and fine lines cannot be seen with significant muscle contraction attenuation.

SNAP 8 is important in reducing the depth of wrinkles on the face and neck. It is one of the best alternatives in the market. Most beauticians have resolved to using other methods that may have adverse effects in the end. One commonly used methods is botulinum.

Botulinum is a fungus and it can be dangerous to some people because it may cause skin sensitivity and allergy. One of the main advantages of snap-8 is that it can be included in cosmetic products such as emulsion, sera and gels, among others.

The synthetically manufactured peptide uses the cyclic GMP process to elicit any signal transduction. It is usually available in powder form. The chemical differences and polymorphism are important in bringing about optimal functioning and homogeneity in the functionality of the SNAP 8.

The inhibition and release of catecholamine by the neurotransmitters such as adrenaline and noradrenaline when treated with snap 8 is essential in reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

A Brief History of Snap 8

Snap 8 is a peptide that has its full name as synaptosomal-associated protein 25. As the name suggests, the peptide should be considered as an octapeptide. However, 2 amino acids are added to Argireline peptide, which has 6 amino acids.

The protein fragment is made up of the molecular formula C14H70N16O16S and it has a molecular weight of 1.07 kilo-Daltons. Snap 8 is under a lot of scientific research and investigation on its viability in dealing with skin related conditions.

Typically, the peptide is supplied as a white powder vial and it can be administered in the test as a transparent solution. Studies indicated that the peptide works best when it is sorted in desiccated -18 degree Celsius and it should be stored between 2-8 degree Celsius once open for use.

The shelf life of the polypeptide is one year. It can be extended to 18 months depending on storage conditions and the kind of handling the peptide receives.

Functions of Snap 8 Peptide


Recent studies indicated that the primary functionality of snap 8 is to act as a muscle contraction inhibitor. The act on inhibiting the muscle is consistent with achieving some kind of homeostasis and allows the neurotransmitters to bring about changes more efficiently.

As per the research conducted on test subjects, it has been determined that snap 25 works with snap 8 and they are both effective in accentuating the alleviation of wrinkles and fine lines. The peptide is classified under the large protein family which has 60 members.

The fusion and formation of tight complexes on the synaptic joints is one of the common characteristics of the peptide. Snap-25 is a protein that is membrane bound and it is connected to the cytosolic face of the membranes via the palmitoyl side changes in the middle.

The mechanism of action is through the formation of covalent bonds within the cell via the matrix. It works by blocking the L-type voltage-gated calcium channels and the ion possesses permeability of the calcium ions.

The activation of the channels allows ions to rush into the cell and the rush produces desired result in the areas affected. Some of the expected results include:

  •    Activation of ca2+ and K+ channels
  •    Neuronal excitation
  •    Release of hormones
  •    Release of neurotransmitters
  •    Boost in gene regulation
  •    Muscular contraction

Snap 25 is able to induce muscle contraction and relaxation. The difference in the peptide sequence is important in muscle performance. However, it is imperative to note that the release of snap 25 is reduced when destabilized in the cellular unit and it cannot release the neurotransmitters effectively.

Scientific research is being undertaken and the peptides may be used in alleviating fine lines, wrinkles and furrows. The snap 8 peptide boosts regulatory functions and it aids in the formation of a better complex that can deal with collagen production.

When the peptide is supplied, it contributes to the stabilization and this leads to activation of the calcium ion channel and muscle contraction. In addition, peptide snap 8 has shown the ability to inhibit the release of catecholamine which is a general class of peptides that are derived from tyrosine amino acids and other containing amine groups.

Postulated Benefits of Snap 8

Postulated Benefits of Snap 8
Postulated Benefits of Snap 8

According to a current research, the study conducted on test subject. The main benefit that is linked to snap 8 is the elimination and reduction of line depth and wrinkles.

The studies on animal subjects indicated that the peptide can help reduce fine lines via activation of the specific areas that are known to accentuate the release of the peptide and collagen. When snap 8 stimulates different areas of the face such as forehead and around the eyes, the overall effect of the peptide is reduced immensely.

The impetus behind the postulate is that the peptide has more capacity to induce a consistent muscle contraction and reduction of fine lines on the face. The process of contraction and releasing of neurotransmitters are important in alleviating fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

The more consistent the contraction, the more stabilized the ability to release snap8 in large quantities.

Moreover, recent findings indicated that snap 8 can be beneficial in eradicating fine lines and other non-essential facial structures. Theoretical research indicated that the peptide can give consistent result and when used in the best way, it can help alleviate fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck.

The notion behind this is that the more muscle contraction is on a regulated basis and the better the neurotransmission, the better the result on the face. In essence, fine lines are products of destabilized muscle contraction.

Therefore, with a potent and more efficient snap 8 peptide, the higher the chances of reducing the fine lines. The peptide has the ability to prevent fine lines and wrinkles and it can be important in dealing with common facial features that many people face on a daily basis.

More studies are being conducted on the potency and efficacy of snap 8 and it is not approved for human use. All the peptides supplied are for research purposes only.

Snap 8 and Neurotransmitters


Studies conducted on animal subjects showed that snap 8 has a prominent effect on the facial region. The impetus behind the research is to identify if the peptide can bring about a consistent release of neurotransmitters that will help in muscle contraction.

This is important because the muscles control shrinking and wrinkling of the face. Snap 8 is seen to be stable in transmitting the information leading to the uniform and the ability of the animal subject to retain some kind of stable muscular homeostasis.

This in turn helps to prevent the formation of deep wrinkles. Moreover, the postulated benefit of snap 8 shows that the peptide has a better sense of homeostasis when it comes to muscle contraction and it offers both replenishing and preventative capabilities to the muscles.

The scientific study conducted on animal subjects had revealed that the peptide ability to signal muscle contraction is efficient and it can aid in alleviating existing muscle wrinkles. The notion behind the principle is to allow the muscles to contract on its own and this will allow them to contract regularly by a means of neurotransmission.

Deep wrinkles form because muscle contraction is inconsistent and the face could not achieve the required homeostasis and resulting in wrinkles. However, research showed that theadministration of snap 8 to test subjects showed a decrease in wrinkle formation.

In essence, it is important to note that wrinkles are products of destabilized muscle contractions and it does not mean there is muscle damage. The natural muscle contraction process occurs when there is proper transmission.

When the transmission is delivered in the right manner, then there would be no wrinkles. The instability in muscle contractions results in the formation of fine lines. However, snap 8 can alleviate the problem by accentuating a continuous transmission of signals to the site.

Research showed that snap 8 could have anti-aging properties. However, this is still under research.

Side Effects of Snap 8


A main concept about the peptide is that the introduction of snap 8 into a biological system in conjunction with acetyl-hexapeptide 3 brings better efficiency in alleviating fine lines.

Research showed that there are no side effects on animal test subjects when the peptide was administered. The studies revealed that the peptide did not cause any oral toxicity especially when administered at a normal dosage.

Moreover, according to the studies conducted, the peptide does not promote any citotoxicity or genotoxicity in the tests carried out on animal subjects. The findings also indicated that snap 8 does not cause any ocular irritation and that the tests conducted on the animal do not have a semblance to any other peptide changes.

Despite the comprehensive research done on snap 8, it is imperative to note that it is only used for research purposes and no human consumption is allowed.

Any observation derived from the use of the peptide is contained in a controlled environment such as a research facility or a laboratory.

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