Promigas SAESP: ‘ subsidiary, Quavii, inaugurates the natural gas distribution system in the Piura region

Promigas subsidiary Quavii inaugurates the natural gas distribution system in the Piura region

Piura, August 25, 2022.

The Promigas subsidiary in Peru, Quavii, inaugurates the natural gas distribution system in the Piura region in the north of the country.

This step is the main step towards the massification of natural gas in Peru in recent years. To date, more than 8,000 Piurean households are connected to the natural gas service and 20 local industries depend on this source of energy.

With an investment of 130 million dollars, the Promigas subsidiary, Quavii, inaugurated the natural gas distribution system in the region of Piura, a province in the north of the country, a year ahead of schedule. The system is made up of a 240 kilometer steel pipeline, 220 kilometers of polyethylene distribution networks and five stations in Piura, Paita, Sullana, Talara and Sechura.

This inauguration was completed in record time, ahead of schedule, allowing natural gas connectivity for more than 8,000 homes in the region and 20 local industries. Additionally, the company continues to expand its infrastructure to benefit 300,000 citizens in the coming years. During the inauguration, the first rural household was connected to the public natural gas service, benefiting from a saving of 50% compared to the use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas cylinders.

“Today, our subsidiary in Peru, Quavvii, has reached the main energy milestone in Peru in recent years with the inauguration of the natural gas distribution system in Piura. This is a major step towards the supply benefits of a reliable, affordable and safe network, supplying more homes in Piura and consolidating the process of massification in the northern region of the country,” said Juan Manuel Rojas, President of Promigas. .

More than $130 million has been executed, of the $237 million committed by the company for the concession. “At Piura we have far exceeded the commitments made, and the objective is to excel beyond the terms set out in the concession contract,” said Rojas. The natural gas distribution carried out by Quavii in Piura in 2019 aims to benefit 64,000 families, 640 entrepreneurial companies, 10 CNG service stations and 45 industrial customers during its first eight years of commercial operation, including the New Talara refinery and the mining company Miski Mayo. , for which the supply of natural gas is guaranteed.

In the second half of 2022 alone, the concessionaire plans to invest an additional $16 million to connect more than 10,000 homes to natural gas utility in the region by the end of the year. With the current infrastructure in place, Piura has the lowest average natural gas tariff in Peru.

Social investment and special projects

As part of Quavii’s commitment to community development, the company is executing 21 social infrastructure projects worth more than US$3 million to benefit 80,000 citizens. On the other hand, the company announced that it will bring its inclusive non-bank financing model, Brilla, to the Piura region, which has granted 4.8 million loans since its inception in Colombia, currently benefiting families in four regions of northern Peru. .

In the same vein, the company is carrying out the project for the promotion of new concession networks in Piura, including the construction of natural gas distribution networks in three additional localities in the region: the population center of La Tortuga and the neighborhoods of La Brea-Negritos and El Alto (Talara), which were initially not included in the connection plan. This project is entirely executed with the resources of the Energy Social Inclusion Fund (FISE), whose work will require an investment of 9.5 million dollars and will include the construction of 120 kilometers of networks for the benefit of 6,561 additional households.

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