Pyrum Innovations: awarded the MATERIALICA Award 2022

Dillingen / Saarland, October 7, 2022 – Pyrum Innovations AG (“Pyrum”) won the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award 2022 together with BASF SE, Mercedes-Benz AG and WITTE Automotive GmbH. The jury awarded the four companies with the Best of Award in the Material category for the innovative new door handles of the Mercedes S-Class and EQE, in the production of which fossil raw materials are replaced by biomethane and pyrolysis oil from recycled waste. Lifetime Tires (ELT). Together, this closes the cycle of recyclable materials and actively promotes the development of innovative recycling processes.

Pascal Klein, CEO of Pyrum Innovations AG: “We are very pleased with this award. This is a confirmation for the whole team who worked tirelessly on this development. Pooling our know-how to minimize the consumption of natural resources and use the greatest possible amount of recycled raw materials in production is another important step towards a sustainable circular economy.”

To close the ELT recycling loop, Pyrum will in the future produce pyrolysis oil from scrap tires using its own innovative pyrolysis process. BASF then incorporates this into its Verbund at the start of production. In addition, BASF uses biomethane from agricultural waste, a renewable raw material. By using the two raw materials, an entirely new plastic is created. The combination of pyrolysis oil from ELT and biomethane is used for the first time in the cooperation between Pyrum, BASF, Mercedes-Benz and WITTE. The plastic is certified according to the so-called “mass balance” method: an independent certification confirms that the partner has replaced the quantities of fossil resources necessary for the final product with renewable raw materials and pyrolysis oil from ELT.

The use of secondary materials reduces both the use of fossil resources and the CO2 footprint in the manufacturing process. The innovative recycled plastic thus has, for the first time, the same properties as virgin plastic made from fossil raw materials. This makes chemical recycling particularly suitable for the production of components subject to high quality and safety requirements.

About Pyrum Innovations AG
Pyrum Innovations AG is active in the attractive end-of-life tire recycling market with its patented pyrolysis technology. Pyrum’s pyrolysis process is completely energy self-sufficient, saves up to 98% of the CO2 emissions normally generated when disposing of end-of-life tires in a cement plant and produces new raw materials such as pyrolysis oil, gas and carbon black recovered from the waste used as raw materials. In this way, Pyrum closes the loop of recyclable materials and pursues a fully sustainable business model. As a pioneer, Pyrum Innovations AG was the first company in the end-of-life tire recycling sector to receive REACH registration from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) for the pyrolysis oil it produces . This means that the oil is recognized as an official raw material and can be used as a raw material in production processes. In addition, Pyrum is constantly looking for new input materials as well as new raw materials to produce, for example with the ongoing tests for the extraction of hydrogen from the gas obtained by means of the patented technology. These achievements have also been recognized by international tire industry experts. For example, Pyrum won the category Best Tire Recycling Innovation at the first Recircle Awards and was nominated for the “Grand Prix Mittelstand” (“Großer
Preis des Mittelstandes”) of the German Land of Saarland.

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Pyrum Innovations AG
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