Relationship coach Sigurd Vedal challenges divorce rates

Oslo, Norway, October 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Divorce rates are on the rise in Israel. In 2018 alone, divorce rates among Israeli Jews rose 5% and have only increased since. In 2020, rates declined slightly during the coronavirus pandemic, but there were still 11,076 Jewish couples who filed for divorce. These statistics, which do not even begin to cover no-The Jewish Israelis are narcotics.

Sigurd Vedal, life and relationship coach, would like to see this trend change. He would like to help couples rekindle the “flame” of love in their marriages. He developed his Marriage Booster coaching program for this specific purpose.

What is the Wedding Booster Program?

The Marriage Booster program is based on Vedal’s “love flame” method. In this method, a flame becomes a metaphor for love. To grow he needs fuel – he needs to be fed. Partners can provide this fuel, and in turn fuel the flame, meeting individual needs. The program emphasizes carrying out essential actions in a way that the other partner prefers. In this way, each partner is empowered to encourage feelings of desire in the other.

One of the reasons this approach has been so successful is that it has helped couples recognize that they were trying to find validation and satisfaction of their emotional needs from sources outside of their marriage. When one partner doesn’t feel validated, supported, or seen by their spouse, they tend to look to others for that intimacy and connection.

As part of the program, couples will better understand each other’s needs and learn what actions are necessary to meet them. Whether a couple seeks more admiration, affection, or honesty (or simply a more active sex life), the program will help them look to each other to have their needs met, thereby strengthening the wedding. Pleasing your partner becomes a goal.

Talk about personal experience

Sigurd Vedal did not create the Marriage Booster program overnight, or by accident. A veteran of several different industries (including sound engineering and radio), Vedal’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to try his hand at launching casino and dating sites. Yet it wasn’t until Vedal went through his own divorce that he began to wonder how love really works.

This questioning led him on a quest that involved speaking with different relationship experts and devouring literature and research on the topic of love and relationships. The concept “love flame” and the Marriage Booster program are the fruit of his research. For several years, Vedal has been accompanying couples at all stages of marriage, helping them rekindle their love.

Sigurd Vedal believes that the Marriage Booster program can revolutionize weddings around the world. For more marriage advice from Vedal, visit

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