Senator John Barrasso: America’s energy independence is vital – Biden’s policies could destroy it

Every July 4, Americans crowd into their vehicles and hit the roads to celebrate our independence. We go to backyard barbecues, town parades, community pools and local fireworks to celebrate the events of 1776.

In 2019 America celebrated another kind of independence – energy independence. It was then that, for the first time since 1952, the United States produced more energy than it consumed.

We should take advantage of it while we can. With President Biden at the helm, it won’t last long. Bad policy is already creating conditions like higher gas prices that we haven’t seen in a very long time.


Last July, President Trump promised American energy workers, “We will never again depend on hostile foreign suppliers. We will defend your jobs and… America’s new energy independence.

He wasn’t kidding. His administration unleashed the nation’s energy potential. He cut red tape that strangled energy projects, lifted the ban on coal mining on federal lands, gave the green light to long-delayed energy pipelines, and opened the Arctic to energy exploration. President Trump has also encouraged fracking, instead of trying to stop it.


During the four years of his presidency, oil production jumped by 28% and natural gas by 26%. In 2020, domestic production of both was at record levels.

Americans have seen the results. We are the world’s leading producers of oil and gas. Today, we are a net energy exporter for the first time in almost 70 years.

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For most Americans, it’s a cause for celebration. Not for President Biden. His administration’s hostility towards US energy companies and the workers who provide four-fifths of our energy is unprecedented.

On his first day in office, the president killed with a stroke of his pen the Keystone XL pipeline and 11,000 American jobs.

The following week, he “temporarily suspended” new federal oil, gas and coal leases. In reality, it is a ban with no end in sight. It could destroy a million jobs and cost consumers a bunch of higher utility bills.

Twenty-two percent of our oil and 13% of our natural gas comes from federal lands. The demand for these fuels is not going to go away. If we don’t produce them here, we’ll have to import them.

Home Secretary Deb Haaland admitted it. During her confirmation hearing, she agreed that a rental ban would not slow global oil and gas production. It would just move that production to other countries.

The OPEC oil cartel and adversaries like Russia would like to see us more dependent on them to meet our energy needs.

The OPEC oil cartel and adversaries like Russia would like to see us more dependent on them to meet our energy needs. We shouldn’t be pursuing policies that make this more likely. We would be better off selling energy to our friends than having to buy energy from our enemies.

The energy policies that the Biden administration advocates will not make us more energy secure. They will do the opposite. Technologies like solar panels, wind turbines and electric vehicle batteries use imported materials often produced by countries that are our strategic adversaries.

China, for example, dominates the supply chain for copper, lithium, cobalt, rare earths and other essential minerals. The Uyghur Muslim minority in China is used as forced labor in the production of solar panels. The mining of cobalt in the Congo is known to involve child labor. We all remember the term “blood diamonds” from the 1990s. They are “blood piles”.

These supply chains are very damaged. We should be extracting more of these minerals here at home in states like Wyoming.

Considering all of this, is it any wonder that we are seeing soaring fuel prices and inflation? The president’s desire to spend limitlessly pushes inflation to levels that punish most working families. April saw the highest rate of inflation in over a decade.

As energy costs rise, so do the prices of groceries and household products shipped across the country. People notice. Prices for meat, poultry, eggs, vegetables and dairy products have all increased.

Nowhere do Americans feel pain more than at the pump. Gasoline prices have climbed about 70 cents a gallon since President Biden’s inauguration. They will only continue to climb.


This July 4, drivers will pay nearly a dollar more per gallon than last year. That means the typical driver of a full-size pickup truck will shell out almost $ 111 for a full tank. That’s $ 33 more than what they paid just a year ago. It is the high price of bad political choices.

America’s political independence from Britain lasted 245 years. Hopefully our energy independence can survive four years of the Biden administration.


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