Signum of Exegy Partners with CloudQuant to Provide Summary Data on Liquidity Lamp

Our partnership with CloudQuant advances our efforts to make cutting-edge trading technology and predictive data more accessible and affordable for a wide range of market participants.

– David Taylor, Co-President and Chief Technology Officer of Exegy

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2021 / – Exegy Inc., the global leader in low latency market data and execution solutions, predictive trading signals and trading technology. hardware acceleration, today announced that it provides Signum predictive trading signals to CloudQuant and its clients. Liquidity Lamp Summary, a daily summary of iceberg (reserve) order trading activity on the US stock markets, is the first signal from the Signum portfolio now available on the CloudQuant platform.

“Our partnership with CloudQuant advances our efforts to make cutting-edge trading technology and predictive data more accessible and affordable for a wide range of market participants,” said David Taylor, co-president and chief technology officer of Exegy.

The Signum portfolio of real-time signals includes Liquidity Lamp which detects and tracks reserve orders on the US stock exchanges. The Liquidity Lamp Summary is a daily summary of reserve order buy and sell activity by share and by market. This provides a focused view of informed investors who use iceberg orders to skillfully move large volumes of shares and is much faster than browsing quarterly regulatory filings of Forms 4 and 13F. Liquidity Lamp Summary can improve the performance of a wide range of quantitative strategies, including long / short strategies, both at the individual symbol level and at the index level.

CloudQuant is a repository and provider of traditional and alternative sourcing, intelligence and data integration services for investment managers and professional researchers. The company enables its clients to take advantage of new sources of data through its investment expertise and machine learning stack. Liquidity Lamp Summary is a one-of-a-kind dataset in CloudQuant’s extensive data library and provides their clients with signals previously reserved for the most elite traders. CloudQuant specializes in analyzing the effectiveness of datasets such as Signum’s Liquidity Lamp Summary to evaluate the insights offered by the data. CloudQuant shares these results with its customers during the testing process.

“The detection of dark order flows, including iceberg orders and other institutional algorithmic orders, is a trade signal that any serious investor should pay attention to regardless of their investment horizon,” said Morgan Slade, Founder and CEO of CloudQuant.

Exegy plans to continue expanding the Signum content available through CloudQuant. Signum offers two other real-time signals beyond Liquidity Lamp: Quote Vector and Quote Fuse predict price direction and stability, respectively. These powerful signals are delivered synchronously with low latency market data: each new quote includes new quote vector and quote fuse probability values. With broad applications for execution algorithms, market making and proprietary strategies, Signum’s real-time signals enable market players to optimize execution quality and capture more alpha.

About Exegy®, Inc.
Exegy provides global market data and execution solutions, predictive trading signals and hardware trading platforms to elite companies in the financial services industry. Today, Exegy is a strategic partner for major major traders, agency brokers, exchanges, operators of alternative trading systems (ATS) and dark pools, market makers, hedge funds and investment managers. ‘assets. At the heart of Exegy’s solutions are purpose-built, hardware-accelerated appliances, derived from a broad portfolio of patented and patent-pending technologies. To learn more about Exegy’s Signum portfolio of real-time trading signals, visit Exegy promotes robust electronic market design through its MarketDataPeaks service which reports real-time market data feed rates.
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About CloudQuant®
CloudQuant is an alternative data company serving global financial services and B2B clients. Our platform enables organizations to realize the power of historical and streaming data. Thousands of high-value datasets are accessible directly to researchers through a single integration. Businesses free up their own data silos within the organization without costly reengineering. Give data scientists, investment researchers, managers or engineers simple and frictionless access to data. CloudQuant’s data advisors and research team use artificial intelligence to sift through massive amounts of alternative data to locate valuable sources and provide customers with data intelligence and analytics services. CloudQuant simplifies alternative data.
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