Smoky Hill Metropolitan District Automates Tender Distribution with Rocky Mountain Electronic Shopping System

Smoky Hill Metropolitan District Joins Rocky Mountain Online Shopping System

Registered suppliers can access bids, related documents, addenda and award information.

The Smoky Hill Metropolitan District announced today that it has joined Rocky Mountain’s electronic shopping system. Bidnet Direct’s Rocky Mountain online shopping system helps local governments, such as the Metropolitan District of Smoky Hill, publish, distribute and manage bids, quotes, amendments and awards online. The buying group provides notifications to registered vendors of new offers related to their industry, any addenda, and pricing information from over 350 participating Colorado and Wyoming agencies. The Smoky Hill Metropolitan District invites all vendors to register online at

One of the main factors that drove the Smoky Hill Metropolitan District to join Rocky Mountain’s online shopping system was the need to move to an automated shopping process. Rocky Mountain’s online purchasing system helps streamline the procurement process by providing a single online location for managing and tracking all activities in the bidding process.

The Metropolitan District of Smoky Hill now has access to a large pool of vendors which helps boost vendor competition. They are also able to increase productivity by saving time and effort without increasing distribution costs. The Smoky Hill Metropolitan District invites all current vendors who have not yet registered on Rocky Mountain’s electronic purchasing system to do so today by visiting Registered vendors can access offers and view all relevant information provided, such as addenda and rewards, all in one convenient place. Additionally, vendors have the option to upgrade their service to receive daily email alerts with matching deal opportunities, as well as notices for expiration of fixed-term contracts.

“We are thrilled to join our fellow local agencies in being part of Rocky Mountain’s electronic shopping system,” said Jerry Dionisio, Smoky Hill Metropolitan District Secretary and Treasurer. “We are able to monitor the entire bidding process and see which vendors are interested in working with us. It also allows our suppliers to seek out more business opportunities and to have instant access to all the information we can provide. »

Sellers can register with Rocky Mountain’s online shopping system: Vendors may also contact the Bidnet Direct Vendor Support Team at 800-835-4603 option 2 with any questions regarding registration or the auction system.

Other local government agencies in Colorado and Wyoming wishing to transition from a manual bidding process, please contact Rocky Mountain’s e-procurement system for a demo of the no-cost procurement solution.

About the Smoky Hill Metropolitan District:

The Smoky Hill Metropolitan District is a public governmental entity and political subdivision of the State of Colorado. Established in 1976 by vote of property owners/developers, the district was formed to fund the installation of parks and recreation facilities, exterior fencing, landscaping, roads and drainage facilities in the subdivision Smoky Hill 400, and for the ongoing maintenance and operation of these parks and other facilities.

About Bidnet Direct:

Bidnet Direct, powered by mdf commerce, is a regional buying group procurement solution available at no cost to local government agencies nationwide. Bidnet Direct operates regional buying groups, including the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System, in all 50 states that are used by more than 1,600 local governments. To learn more and for your government agency to gain transparency and efficiency in their purchases, please visit

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