Solve the puzzle of engineering an adorable spaceship in Sunshine Heavy Industries

Ever wanted to make a spaceship for a frog? In Sunshine Heavy Industries, you are a spaceship design engineer who responds to customer demands by assembling spaceships that do exactly what was asked, keeping the cost as low as possible to maximize profits. The indie puzzle and design game released on Steam this month by creator Daisyowl Games.

Thus, a customer may request that a ship have plenty of space for passengers and highly toxic radioactive elements. To fill it you will need to keep one away from the other. Another customer might want a lot of power-hungry weapons, so you’ll have to get creative with heat sinks for all of those weapons and the reactors that power them.

It really is an optimization puzzle, which consists of integrating the best elements at the lowest cost and as efficiently as possible. As the story unfolds more and more parts, situations, and systems are added, unfolding in greater and greater complexity without adding too many searing complications. Plus, the customers are all cute little space animals, and the soundtrack has some cute lo-fi beats for building spaceships.

You can find Sunshine Heavy Industries on Steam. There is also a official Twitter account.

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