Strike averted as SEIU Local 2 janitors

TORONTO, April 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Janitors at SEIU Local 2 in Toronto have repeatedly said they are ready to strike if the companies they work for do not offer salary increases commensurate with the cost of living. Their collective agreement had expired at the end of March.

The strike vote scheduled for Saturday morning in downtown Toronto turned into a ratification vote, however, after the employers tabled a new offer on Friday. The strike was averted when the cleaners ratified a three-year agreement by a majority vote.

More details will be released in the coming days.


SEIU Local 2 represents over 4,000 cleaners in the Greater Toronto Area. More than 2,500 of them work for companies that negotiated at a central table with the union. This center table sets the standard for the entire industry.

Janitors, most of whom have worked tirelessly during the pandemic without any sort of pandemic pay, clean healthcare facilities, public transportation systems, courthouses, morgues, package delivery facilities, checkpoints police, commercial office buildings, shopping malls, food courts, post-secondary institutions, private schools, airports, etc.

Janitors have always faced an uphill battle to be recognized for the important work they do for public health and safety. Their wages have been kept low while working conditions have deteriorated. To maximize their profits, property owners and managers, including governments and pension funds, have created a bidding model that puts downward pressure on wages and pushes janitors to do more. in addition, often with less staff and less time.

SEIU Local 2 represents over 18,000 essential workers in Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Alberta. We are proud to be members of the largest, most dynamic and fastest growing union in North America.

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