‘Testgiving’: Central Ohio Health Departments Distribute Free Rapid Test Kits Before Thanksgiving

Local health services are trying to put free kits in as many hands as possible.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – As many people prepare to gather for Thanksgiving – taking a home COVID test could be on your list.

Local health services are trying to put free kits in as many hands as possible.

For Sean Delaney, taking a quick COVID test is something she plans to do before hosting Thanksgiving this year.

“It’s really important, especially because I have my grandmother and a few aging members of our family who will be there and who really want to be mindful and as preventative as possible,” she said.

Kathy Eng said she had bought home test kits before and they were expensive. When she heard about Franklin County Public Health’s free test distribution, she insisted on doing it on Monday.

“I know I will not expose my loved ones,” she said.

In an effort to get the tests in as many hands as possible, local health departments are distributing them for free.

“These rapid tests are really effective, they’re great, they’re convenient and we want to make sure our community has access to them before the holidays,” Franklin County Public Health Commissioner Joe Mazzola said.

Franklin County Public Health held a walk-in, walk-in distribution on Monday.

Coming Tuesday, Columbus Public Health will hold its distribution of COVID tests from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Celeste Center.

Many kits are available for free at local libraries. You can also find out more about where to get a free test near you on the state’s website. Community health and screening centers | COVID-19 (ohio.gov)

Many of those who picked up a kit on Monday said they were fully vaccinated and wanted to be extra careful.

“It was awesome,” said Eng. “This is such a great offer and I am so grateful that we have them especially right before Thanksgiving.”

“Last year we huddled by a fire outside with four of us,” said Delaney. “This year there will be six to eight and it’s a really exciting opportunity to spend time with some of our extended family and loved ones.”

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