The 7 best business candidates in the NBA today

As we moved past the first quarter of the new season, NBA teams began to engage in business negotiations to find ways to improve their respective rosters. December 15 marked the expiration date of any trade restrictions for several players, namely those who signed new contracts in the last offseason.

At this point in the season, everyone should have a good idea of ​​where their squad is going. Based on their findings, they should consider taking action that will strengthen the current core or make way for a future. In other cases, teams may have felt remorse from buyers and are looking to redeem themselves through the commercial market. Either way, the stage is set for some drastic changes as we move into the next phase of the 2021-22 NBA season.

This article lists the top seven business candidates in the NBA today. Each of these selected players has a specific reason why they may be in withdrawal with their current groups. In one scenario, a player may have gone past their welcome on a team that is losing momentum, or in another that does not match the timeline of their current place. Moving any of these following stars could influence the balance of power as the season progresses.

Jerami grant

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