The Fiji Times » ‘Higher freight charges affect price’

Hardware companies have raised the price of herbicides due to the increased cost of shipping.

Deputy supply chain manager of RC Manubhai & Co. Pte Ltd, Pravin Chand, said the increase in freight charges has affected the price of herbicides accordingly.

“Right now we only have glyphosate,” he said, adding that the company sells it for $17 a liter.

“We also had other weedkillers, but our manufacturers and suppliers were out of stock.

“Now that they have received their stock, we will also start receiving ours, probably by next week. The price had increased because the transport costs had increased.

RC Manubhai does not import weedkillers but sources its supplies from other companies.

“So it all depends on the manufacturers and the suppliers, if the freight goes up, the prices go up as well.

“That’s why our price has gone up.”

GMR Muhammad & Sons Pte Ltd COO Aizal Ali declined to comment on the price hike, but referred this newspaper to his Facebook page.

GMR announced on February 14 a 118% increase in the price of Royal Glyphosate.

According to the message, the sale price of Royal Glyphosate was $8.75 per liter and is now selling for $18.47.

He said that the basic unit price of the shipment had increased.

The Suva branch of Vinod Patel & Company Pte Ltd only has glyphosate in stock at $17.00 per litre.

Another major supplier of agrochemicals in Suva, Hop Tiy & Co. Pte Ltd, only stocks Buster herbicide, a liter of which costs $27.96. A staff member said other herbicides were out of stock and should be back in stock next month.

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