Trends of teams growing, acquiring star quarterbacks, cycling for Browns to get theirs

One of the ways the Cleveland Browns could attack the quarterback position is through the NFL Draft and they could be in a better position than we think. Especially in the last few years to ensure success at the position and has shown a shift in the types of quarterbacks teams are looking for.

Even if the Browns and Baker Mayfield find a way to get him back in 2022, the team’s pursuit of Deshaun Watson has made it clear they won’t settle for anything less than a first passer, a reasonable position for them. trying to win the Super Bowl take. Given the doubts raised by the Browns, whether it’s Mayfield or another bridge quarterback, the Browns will always look for ways to attack the quarterback position, which could include the draft. of the NFL.

It all comes down to supply, but if a player a team wants is there, it’s been shown time and time again that a team can find a way to get him, often by trading to do so. The Kansas City Chiefs traded for Patrick Mahomes, the Buffalo Bills traded for Josh Allen and the Baltimore Ravens traded in the first round for Lamar Jackson.

It is more important that the team succeeds and provides consistency. Success doesn’t necessarily mean a struggle year after year, but having a strong talent base and stability within the organization is important.

The Ravens and Bills were 9-7 the year before their quarterbacks were acquired while the Chiefs were 12-4.

This relieves the quarterback of carrying the team early while ensuring that he doesn’t have to learn multiple offensive systems and build relationships with new coaches during the most important period of his development. If the organization is secure, the main objective is to ensure the success of the quarterback. It starts when they are ready to play. Mahomes, Jackson and Allen spent at least part of their rookie seasons.

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Jackson’s presence creates so much space on offense, forcing teams to defend the entire court, which immediately gives the Ravens an advantage. The Bills, Chiefs and Chargers also have excellent spacing. They pick up complementary talents to boost him, but a lot of it starts with the quarterback.

The name that immediately comes to mind during the 2022 NFL Draft is Liberty University’s Malik Willis. The former Auburn transfer weighs around 220 pounds, has electrifying athleticism and an ability to escape, also possessing exceptional arm strength.

Teams can look at his traits and see where he could become one of the top 10 quarterbacks in the NFL. He still needs a lot of work and there’s a chance he’ll never get close to that level, but a team is going to bet on Willis as well as his ability to pull him off. This is increasingly likely to happen in the top 10 picks.

If the Browns see that potential in him, they could definitely be in the running to either acquire him as the 13th pick or even trade for him. They have the talent base to succeed. It’s almost entirely a question of whether that organization can be stable enough to possibly sustain it.

There may be other quarterbacks the Browns could see from this angle. Willis simply stands out as the most obvious example. If they don’t see it in these quarterbacks or are simply unable to acquire them, that may be the process the Browns use when looking for their quarterback answer.

Keep building the roster, try to go big on a top veteran option if the opportunity arises, then look to draft a quarterback with game-breaking traits they hope to develop into a star. Repeat if necessary.

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