V Rising Pristine Hide: Farming and Crafting Roadmap

In V Rising, you must build and maintain your castle, which serves as your refuge and main base of operations during the day. When night falls, you can roam the city to farm resources, level up your gear score, and gain some of V Rising’s best abilities.

You also need to craft better armor as you level up to provide better protection. A cheap and easy to farm resource for armor is virgin skinwhich is used to do Virgin leatherso we present to you our guide on agriculture Hide virgin in V Rising.

Virgin Leather: Before and After Update

Previously, crafting Pristine Leather required Leather, Fish Oil, and Pristine Hide in-game. The problem here was that Leather and Fish Oil were crafting resources, resulting in a long time waiting to get virgin leather. Luckily, the developers listened and pushed an update after only fish oil and virgin skin were needed to craft Virgin Leather in V Rising.

Tannery menu for making virgin leather.

For completion purposes, we will briefly cover how to craft leather, as you unlock both tannery and leather from the same boss, and leather is also needed to upgrade your castle core. Read about Blood Essence in V Rising, which is used to craft the Castle Heart.

How to Acquire Leather in V Rising

Leather is an important resource at the start of the game. It is necessary to upgrade your Castle Heart to level 2 to strengthen your castle and craft armor pieces. The leather must be made using a tannery.

Keely the Frost Archer-boss-V Rising Pristine Hide
Blood Altar Menu for Keely the Frost Archer

The blueprint for building a tannery and the recipe for crafting leather are both dropped by Keely the Frost Archer, a level 20 boss. She can often be found in the bandit trapper camp east of Farbane Woods. We already covered how to beat Keely in our Best V Rising Unsullied Hearts farming methods guide, so you can refer to it to find how to beat this boss in his section.

Creation of a tannery

build a tannery-V Rising
Build a tannery inside your castle.

After beating Keely the Frost Archer you will need 8 Wood planks and 160 animal skins to set up a Tannery inside your castle. animal skins can be easily picked up in Farbane Woods by killing wolves and bears.

handmade leather-V Rising Pristine Hide
Tannery menu for leather making.

Once you have set up the tannery, you can craft a leather piece from 16 animal hides. You can also read our Glass in V Rising guide and learn more about Quartz Farming methods in the game as they become scarce in the late game.

How to Get Virgin Skin in V Rising

inventory-mask blank-V Rising Pristine Hide
Virgin skin, as displayed in inventory.

Now we come to the topic at hand; how to make Virgin Leather in V Rising. An ingredient for making virgin leather is virgin skinwhich we will discuss below.

locations for Werewolves-V Rising Pristine Hide
Notable werewolf spawn locations in Dunley Farmlands.

Hide virgin in V Rising can only be obtained by killing werewolves. Werewolves spawn exclusively at night and they spawn randomly in Dunley Farmlands.

Werewolves are extremely agile and will vanish into thin air if you don’t attack them immediately. If you’re playing V Rising with a clan, we recommend visiting the southeast area of ​​Dunley Farmlands as you can find a pack of werewolves there.

concept-art-werewolf-V Rising
Concept art for werewolf. Credit: @VRisingGame (Twitter)

you need 15 Virgin skin objects to craft a piece of virgin leather, so we recommend 2-3 werewolf breeding sessions to have at least 500 virgin hides in your inventory. Read our V Rising Silver Ore guide to learn how to farm and transport silver safely.

How to Get Fish Oil in V Rising

The second ingredient for making virgin leather is Fish oil in V Risingwhich we will discuss below.

Game Description-Fish Oil-V Rising Pristine Hide
Fish oil in your inventory.

Fish oil in V Rising can be obtained by 2 methods: making fish oil via The Devourer and the looting of fish oil.

Make fish oil

Before you can start making fish oil in V Rising, you need to beat 2 bosses.

Rufus Boss - Fish Oil - V Rising Pristine Hide
Blood Altar Menu for Rufus the Foreman.

Rufus the foreman is a level 20 boss. It drops the crafting recipe for A fishing rod, a crossbow, and other reagents. You can follow him using your Blood Altar. He can be easily beaten as he is a lower level boss.

make fish oil fishing rod-V Rising Pristine Hide
Carpentry bench menu for making fishing rods.

Once you beat him, you can craft a fishing rod on your carpentry bench. Once equipped with a fishing rod, you must go out to fish. We have already covered the Fishing methods under our Best V Rising Scales Farming Methods guide, so we encourage you to refer to it.

Lidia Boss - Altar of Blood - V Rising
Blood Altar menu for Lidia the Chaos Archer.

The second boss to beat is Lidia the Chaos Archer, a level 26 boss. You must follow her through your Blood Altar as she has no set spawn location and often wanders the Farbane Woods. Lidia is a worthy boss, thanks to her devastating ranged attacks and Chaos Orb attacks, which deal massive splash damage.

Our recommendation is to wield a melee weapon and fight it up close. You can also read the V Rising weapon tier list and know which is the best medium weapon in the game.

make fish oil from Devourer-V Rising Pristine Hide
The Devourer menu for making fish oil.

Once you kill Lidia, you will receive the structure blueprint to build The Devourer, which can tear items apart and turn them into raw materials. You can build it for 12 wood planks and 6 copper ingots. Put all your fish there and you will receive fish oil and other raw materials such as fish bones. Read our V Rising Research Desk guide to unlock new technologies.

Loot fish oil

At the start of the game, you can choose to craft Fish oil in V Rising, but this method is slow, and as you progress, it will become tedious for you to first go fishing and then break it down into fish oil. Fish oil yield through The Devourer is acceptable in the early game, but at higher levels many players prefer to loot Fish oil in V Rising.

location of mosswick village-dunley farmlands-V Rising Fish Oil
Location of the village of Mosswick.

The best place to quickly get your hands on fish oil in the game is to visit Mosswick Village in Dunley Farmlands. Other than that, if you’re farming cotton in V Rising, you can find and destroy all nearby containers to find fish oil.

You only need 3 Fish oil in V Rising make a piece of Blank leather in gameso a visit to the village of Mosswick should be enough to complete 500 Virgin skins.

How to Get Virgin Leather in V Rising

virgin leather making-V Rising Pristine Leather
Tannery menu for making virgin leather.

If you’ve followed the guide so far, you’ll set up your tannery and collect a substantial amount of fish oil and Hide virgin in V Rising. Now all you have to do is throw all your fish oil and pristine hide into the tannery to start crafting Virgin leather in the game.

Virgin Leather is the highest quality leather in the game and as such a great resource for crafting high level armor for you and your minions.

You can also find out more about the best Armor V Rising has to offer. You will want to equip your minions with blank leather armor so they can better defend your castle during a castle siege attempt.

If you’re looking for the best way to defend your castle in the late game, read our V Rising Soul Shards guide to add important upgrades to your castle defenses.

This concludes our guide on how to farm Hide virgin in V Rising and crafts Virgin leather. The game recently topped the charts with its unique survival-based MMORPG gameplay. The gameplay is especially charming for its players due to the vampiric lore elements embedded in the game mechanics.

Have you farmed or crafted this item so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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