West Region Teamster Chiefs Meet to Discuss Cannabis Organization

Teamster leaders from more than 20 West Region local unions met in Oakland this week to coordinate the expansion of organizing efforts in the growing cannabis sector.

“We are devoting significant resources to organizing cannabis workers and fighting to get them strong contracts,” said Sean M. O’Brien, general president of the Teamsters. “The Teamsters are leading the fight to organize this industry so that these workers get their fair share of the immense revenue generated by these companies.”

“The Food Processing Division, in partnership with the Organizing Department, Joint Councils and Local Unions, is committed to transforming cannabis industry jobs into careers through the strength of a contract Teamster,” said Peter Finn, manager of the Teamsters food processing division.

Discussions included industry overview, presentations on the state-level legalization landscape, organizing best practices, negotiating first contracts, and training and apprenticeship programs to further professionalize related jobs. to cannabis.

As America’s largest supply chain union, the Teamsters has the expertise to deliver dignified and fair working conditions at all levels of the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry, from cultivation and production to distribution and dispensaries.

“It’s clear from the discussion in the room that local Teamster leaders are ready to build on the momentum of our many recent organizational victories in the cannabis industry,” Finn said. “We look forward to convening similar meetings in other parts of the country to partner with local unions and coordinate our organizing efforts to ensure cannabis workers have the protections that only a Teamster contract can provide.”

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